Year 5 Tutoring

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

North Shore Coaching College offers the premium Year 5 tutoring program in Australia. Building on solid foundations of literacy and numeracy our program develops skills and competencies vital for academic success. Our Year 5 program possesses the academic rigour necessary to propel capable students to the top of their cohort.

Homework tasks are designed to reinforce and extend conceptual understandings of the weekly workbook content. In so doing students develop confidence whilst ensuring retention of learning.

Lessons are conducted in a warm and supportive environment to encourage students to take risks in their learning and to accept challenges knowing that making errors is often a necessary step on the path to higher learning.

What is taught in North Shore’s Year 5 Tuition Programs?

  • Maths – Advanced problem solving skills, direct and inverse proportion, converting fractions to decimals to percentages
  • English – Advanced literary techniques, employing idiomatic and colloquial language for descriptive effect, analysing advanced grammatical structures
  • Writing – Develop creative and effective similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia

We encourage parents to contact us if they would like further specific information about our courses.

Year 5 Holiday Tutoring

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