Year 3 Tutoring

“An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.”

North Shore Coaching College provides high-quality Year 3 tutoring programs during both holiday and term times, please view our programs below. Year 3 is a crucial year at school because it prepares students to new formalities, namely:

  • Preparing for the NAPLAN nationwide testing program (Year 3)

North Shore’s Year 3 programs could be described as academically more rigorous, with a higher difficulty and volume of learning than previous years. 

The focus is largely on Maths, English and General Ability. We also begin practicing exams (i.e. question formats, time limits) to best prepare our students for the years to come. Students who have performed a level of exam preparation are typically confident in their abilities because they have already simulated the testing study/exam process.

We encourage parents to contact us if they would like further specific information about our courses.

Year 3 Holiday Tutoring

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