Year 5 Holiday Programs

Headstart for Scholarship & Selective School Success Program

Our course structure for each program:

  • Interactive Academic Learning
  • 3 hour lessons per course, every day for 5 days. Please check our timetable for course running dates.
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators
Intensive Plus English, Mathematics & General Ability

Our Intensive Training – Maths, Thinking Skills & English Workshop provides the degree of academic challenge to prepare your child for Year 5 and the important exams ahead. It is the perfect course to ensure development of critical literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. Ensure your child makes a successful transition to senior primary in the new academic school year.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop literal and inferential comprehension skills – short answer format
  • Develop an advanced lexicon
  • Develop poetry interpretation skills
  • Develop knowledge of literary devices, homonyms and synonyms
  • Develop skim reading skills
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Extend conceptual understandings of area, perimeter, volume and algebra
  • Develop logical thinking and reasoning skills
Creative Writing & Written Expression Workshop

A skilled and creative writer will excel in NAPLAN, ICAS, Selective and Scholarship exams. Since writing skills take time to develop it is vital that Year 5 students get an early start in preparing for the important exams in Year 6. A highly recommended course.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop skills in writing effective topic sentences
  • Develop essay writing skills
  • Develop character analysis skills
  • Develop plot techniques
  • Develop knowledge of text types: formal letter writing, diary opinion, descriptions and news articles
  • Develop techniques for inspiring creativity
NAPLAN Preparation

Please speak to our Box Hill campus for further course details and goals.

  • On Campus

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