WA – 2024 Scholarship / GATE Exam Preparation

Since 1991, North Shore Coaching College has had success in our students gaining entry into Private School Scholarships Examinations and Selective High Schools across Australia.

Our programs are designed to help your child to thoroughly review all key areas of study, exam skills, Mock Exams and hints and tips so that they will be well prepared for the exams.

Please contact us for more information of how we can asisist you to be successful.

North Shore accelerated programs help students acquire the skills to reach their fullest potential.  Guided by dedicated and experienced educators, our program develops student’s abilities in abstract thinking, verbal & numerical reasoning, spatial relations, information processing, memory and word fluency.  To help our students to achieve their aspirations and special abilities, newly designed in-class Trial Tests in Term 3-4 / 2023 and Term 1-2 / 2024 have been incorporated into our teaching curriculum.

In order to well prepare your child for the increased academic challenges in the upcoming years, give them a head start and boost their confidence in winning a Scholarship and / or a placement in Gifted and Talented Education Program.

Most Scholarship and GATE exams will be held in Term 1 / 2024.  To ensure success in these exams, it is vital that you prepare early.

2024 TERM PROGRAM for Scholarship / GATE / High End Achievers

Hrs Cost / Lesson Cost / Term (10 wks)

L5 L6

FASTRAIN EXTENDED (ENGLISH + Maths & Reasoning Skills + Creative Writing) 3.5 $97 $970
ENGLISH + Maths & Reasoning Skills & Science 3 $88 $880
Creative Writing + ENGLISH 2 $69 $690
Creative Writing + Maths & Reasoning Skills & Science 2 $69 $690
ENGLISH only 1.5 $56 $560
Maths & Reasoning Skills & Science 1.5 $56 $560


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