Year 4 Tutoring

“You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.”

North Shore Coaching College’s Year 4 tutoring program is the cornerstone for success in primary school. Year 4 is a vital year for establishing concepts essential for success in senior primary years. Our advanced study of literacy and numeracy will ensure your child is well-placed to meet all the challenges of school and ensure they have a competitive edge over their classmates.

Homework tasks are designed to reinforce and extend concepts studied in the weekly workbooks. In so doing students develop confidence whilst ensuring retention of learning. We provide a range of support services that your Campus Director will be happy to discuss with you.

Lessons are conducted in a warm & supportive environment to encourage students to take risks in their learning and to accept challenges knowing that making errors is often a necessary step on the path to higher learning.

What is taught in North Shore’s Year 4 Tuition Programs?

  • Maths – Division of fractions, advanced BODMAS, conversion of formal units of measurement
  • English – Advanced cloze comprehension skills, poetry analysis, analysing advanced punctuation
  • Writing – Creating advertisements, advanced descriptive writing

We encourage parents to contact us if they would like further specific information about our courses.

Year 4 Holiday Tutoring

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