Our Award Winning Students

For the past 29 years, North Shore Coaching College has consistently assisted its students to excel in external examinations, high school examinations, international competitions, assessments for schools and other competitions.

We regularly receive good news from our students being awarded places in accelerated learning programs, international competitions, scholarships at private schools, selective high schools and top universities.


Here are the testimonials from our award winning 2020 students:

“Being at North Shore, I have picked up a truckload of skills and knowledge, had the opportunity to be taught by some fantastic teachers and gained a whole group of friends.”

Jahin Anwar 99.90 ATAR High Achiever

“North Shore gave me educational support all the way from my first day, to the GATE exam preparation classes in Year 6 and finally to the WACE exams in Year 12. It has been a long tough journey, but my teachers and friends at North Shore, and my parents, were along with me all the way. Not only has North Shore gifted me with academic ability, but also important life skills such as discipline, problem solving, time management, creative thinking and social skills.”

Peng Sheng High Achiever

“Thank you to the teachers who have taught me and have been passionate about their work. Thank you for passing on your knowledge to me and encouraging me to strive to do my best. You can only be you, the best you and no one can take that away. My parents and teachers taught me to never give up and try your best. Even if it meant to do extra math or go to that chemistry tutorial. To push your limits and see where you end up. There is no easy road to success.”

Vivienne Young High Achiever Year 12 Student

Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners
and High Achievers!

2020 Scholarship / GATE / ICAS / REACH / Top 1% ATAR High Achievers
North Shore Coaching College would like to extend its congratulations to our Scholarship Winners & High Achievers. Outstanding results once again reflect the hard work and dedication of both our students and teachers.

To view the complete winners list, please click on the category to expand its corresponding tab.

2020 Scholarship / GATE Winners
First Name Surname Scholarships / GATE Winners
Aadil Thekkayil Duncraig Senior High School
Aakash Jois Perth Modern School
Aanisha Parveen Siddique Perth Modern School
Aaron Mathew Rossmoyne Senior High School
Aaron Nasir Rossmoyne SHS / Melville SHS
Abbey Luu Perth Modern School
Adeoluwa Adebayo Wesley College / Perth Modern School
Aidan Joo Wesley College
Aiden Trinh Perth Modern School
Aiden Joseph Xuan Pine Tan Perth Modern School
Akinshola Akinyemi Perth Modern School
Akshata Jois Perth Modern School
Alex George Carine Senior High School
Amelia Chang St Hilda’s / Willetton SHS
Amy Jia Perth Modern School
Ananya Sachidanandan Perth Modern School
Angelyn Shindunata Perth Modern School
Annabella Tan All Saints’ College
Ashaank Moravineni Governor Stirling Senior High School
Avishi Prasad Perth Modern School
Beatrice Shan-yi Chong St Hilda’s / All Saints’ / Perth Modern
Binthi Gunawardhana Perth Modern School
Brandon Tan All Saints’ / Perth Modern School
Brandon Francis John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School
Brenden Yeong Rossmoyne Senior High School
Brian Hoang Wesley College
Caitlin Arunsuri Mudju McLeod Penrhos College / Perth Modern School
Chanumi Dulanya Weerasinghe Willetton Senior High School
Chelsea Wu All Saints’ College
Chengchao Tang Perth Modern School
Christopher Hui-jie Law Melville Senior High School
Dana Choi Perth Modern School
Daniel Hoang Carine Senior High School
Devadathan Menothuparambil Perth Modern School
Dheeraj Chander Karthikeyan Perth Modern School
Dhinuki Maheesha Madurapperuma Kelmscott Senior High School
Dinath Mevinu Gamage Kelmscott Senior High School
Elden Lim Carey Baptist College
Emily Ji All Saints’ College
Emily Xin Yee Yap Willetton Senior High School
Emily Yu Qin Lai Perth Modern School
Enru Chu Perth Modern School
Eric Shiqin Cao Perth Modern School
Eugenia Liang Willetton Senior High School
Felicia Ho Iona Presentation  / All Saints’ College
Hannah Wang Iona Presentation/ MLC /Perth Modern
Hannah Lee Carine Senior High School
Hannah Xin Wei Chen Perth Modern School
Harrison Churchill Perth Modern School
Haydn Furness Perth Modern School
Heeya Jwalan Vyas Kelmscott Senior High School
Isabella Ching Duncraig Senior High School
Ishaan Barbare Perth Modern School / Rossmoyne SHS
Ishita Gupta Iona Presentation College / Duncraig SHS
James Ji All Saints’ College / Perth Modern School
James William Lazuardi Perth Modern School
Januga Sathsilu Dias Rossmoyne Senior High School
Jasmine Wu St Hilda’s / All Saints’ / Perth Modern School
Jay Jun Jie Wu Perth Modern School
Jesslyn Yong Iona Presentation / MLC / Perth Modern School
Jingnan Jiang Perth Modern School
Jinzhao Ethan Xu Perth Modern School
Johnson Che Perth Modern School
Jordan Aurelius Vo Shenton College
Joshua Abrio Perth Modern School
Justina Tang Penrhos College
Kalabhan Shiyamasuntharan Melville Senior High School
Katherine Linh Le Mount Lawley Senior High School
Kayla Lan Kong Bob Hawke College
Kevin Zefeng Chen Perth Modern School
Krish Darji Perth Modern School
Kshithij Chandrashekar All Saints’ / Christ Church / Perth Modern School
Kulanija Premarathna Perth Modern School
Kush Bharatkumar Jani Carine Senior High School
Lalkrishna Rajasekharan Perth Modern School
Leyla Barton Perth Modern School
Lisandhi Upethma Thelikada Gamage Rossmoyne Senior High School
Madhushree Vijayan Perth Modern School
Mahek Rajendra Aribenchi Perth Modern School
Mahima Biju Pottayil Fremantle College
Mahir Shafi Perth Modern School / Rossmoyne SHS
Marisa Ann Thomas Rossmoyne Senior High School
Matthias Chim Rossmoyne Senior High School
Medhansh Agarwal Melville Senior High School
Mistah Zaman Penrhos College
Moontaha Zaman Willetton Senior High School
Nathan Trinh Governor Stirling Senior High School
Nithin Shivakumar All Saints’ College
Onelee Himashi Ranasinghe Perth Modern School
Oolka Verma Willetton Senior High School
Oscar Ho Christ Church Grammar School
Priyanka Muthukattu Perth Modern School
Promiti Sarker Fremantle College
Rachel Lee All Saints’ College
Rachel Kolencheri Biju Perth Modern School
Raha Anwar Willetton Senior High School
Ranjeev Ratheesh Nambiar Perth Modern School
Rayan Jape Perth Modern School
Rhea Sharma Perth Modern School
Richa Tota Perth Modern School
Riddhi Bajaj Perth Modern School
Rijuta Das Perth Modern School
Riona Rajeev Carine Senior High School
Ronia Meehandoust Mount Lawley Senior High School
Rowan Sega Perth Modern School
Ruhansi Abeywickrama St Hilda’s/All Saints’/Perth Modern
Ruhi Bhandari Perth Modern School
Ruoban Liu Perth Modern School
Ruofan Lin All Saints’ / Perth Modern School
Ryan Zhao Perth Modern School
Sachein Madhan Sangeetha Governor Stirling SHS
Safwan Al-Rafi Willetton Senior High School
Sai Akhil Kambala Chisholm CC/Trinity/Perth Modern
Sai Nikhilesh Yadlapalli Perth Modern School
Samin Tahniyat Willetton Senior High School
Sean Lucas Cregan Shenton College
Semindee Kudabalage Perth Modern School
Shajin Islam Willetton Senior High School
Shannon Koh Perth Modern School
Shermaine Chan Iona Pres. / PLC / Perth Modern
Shirin Lim Perth College
Shreyas Gupta Perth Modern School
Siddhanth Kannayyalal Jain Shenton College
Sophia Cristobal Applecross Senior High School
Sowmya Sundru Perth Modern School
Stuti Maru Kingsway Christian College
Sucheta Sengupta Perth Modern School
Suhi Kaur Perth Modern School
Sumedha Ghosh All Saints’/St Hilda’s/Perth Modern
Susan Pius Perth Modern School
Susanna Che Perth Modern School
Sylvia Lach Perth Modern School
Taeyeon Jeon Willetton Senior High School
Tanya Bejoy Rossmoyne Senior High School
Tara Eilish Murphy Perth Modern School
Tayjus Kumar Melville Senior High School
Thenaka Godawitharana Mount Lawley Senior High School
Timothy Yuchi Zhang Willetton Senior High School
Uddeepa Noriaki Jayasekara Rossmoyne Senior High School
Vaanya Agarwal Comet Bay College
Vicky Wei Presbyterian Ladies’ College
Vigneash Savoundiraradjane Kelmscott Senior High School
Visalakshi Singaram Melville SHS / Leeming SHS
Vittal Vasudevan Willetton Senior High School
Warith Al Ferdous Fremantle College
Wenqi Wang Willetton Senior High School
Yishan Liu Rossmoyne Senior High School
Zijie Chen Rossmoyne Senior High School
Zirui Zhu Kelmscott Senior High School
Ziyi Zhang Shenton College / Governor Sterling SHS
Zoharin Saalem Willetton Senior High School


Many other Scholarship Winners & High Achievers are not listed as per their discretion.

2019 Top 1% ATAR Achievers
First Name Surname 2019 Top 1% ATAR Achievers
Aaditya Mone Top 1% ATAR (99.45)
Chen Yuan Li Top 1% ATAR (99.45)
Christine Jang Top 1% ATAR (99.10)
Franklin Feng Lou Top 1% ATAR (99.75)
Jahin Anwar Top 1% ATAR (99.90)
Julian Kam Top 1% ATAR (99.35)
Kim Ho Top 1% ATAR (99.80)
Minnie Meng Top 1% ATAR (99.50)
Peng Sheng Top 1% ATAR (99.80)
Rachel Chew Top 1% ATAR (99.50)


Many other Scholarship Winners & High Achievers are not listed as per their discretion.

2019 REACH / ICAS Winners
First Name Surname 2019 REACH/ICAS Winners
Aarvi Dua Top Performer in REACH Y2 Spelling
Adarsh Natarajan Top Performer in REACH Y5 Science
Advaitaa Koteswaran Top Performer in REACH Y5 Digital Technology
Akash Singaram Top Performer in REACH Y3 Science
Akshayan Mukunthan Top Performer in REACH Y4 Spelling
Angelena Piratheepan Top Performer in REACH Y3 English
Bethany Lin Top Performer in REACH Y5 Spelling
Chelsea Wu Medal Winner in ICAS Y4 Writing
Darius Choo Top Performer in REACH Y4 Writing & Maths
Daryl Kuh Top Performer in REACH Y2 English
Dharmik Thummala Top Performer in REACH Y5 Maths
Diya Sanjay Top Performer in REACH Y4 Writing & Spelling
Ishaan Barbare Top Performer in REACH Y6 Science
Jahin Anwar Medal Winner in ICAS Y12 Maths
Jasmine Wu Medal Winner in ICAS Y6 Spelling
Jovianne Bong Medal Winner in ICAS Y3 English & Spelling
Keith Riau Top Performer in REACH Y4 Spelling
Kulanija Premarathna Top Performer in REACH Y6 Writing
Louisa Mo Top Performer in REACH Y4 English
Marcus Wong Top Performer in REACH Y3 Maths
Mathoosan Murugavel Top Performer in REACH Y4 Maths
Nikki Susanto Top Performer in REACH Y4 Maths
Nivethiha Manoharan Top Performer in REACH Y5 English & Maths
Rijuta Das Top Performer in REACH Y6 Maths
Ruhansi Abeywickrama Top Performer in REACH Y6 English
Srinivasa Nallan Top Performer in REACH Y4 Spelling
Taksheel Kumar Kadri Top Performer in REACH Y4 Science
Varshaa Mukunthan Top Performer in REACH Y2 Spelling


Many other Scholarship Winners & High Achievers are not listed as per their discretion.

Success Stories

Congratulations to our students of 2020 who continue to excel in public high school examinations, International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), South-East Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO), and other competitions to maintain our excellent record of achievement. Outstanding results once again reflect the hard work and dedication of both our students and teachers.

North Shore students excelled in many areas this year

Our students were among the most successful recipients of Independent School Scholarships with thousands continue to receive places in our country’s most prestigious private schools.

We have consistently been receiving good news of our students who were awarded places in Opportunity Classes, scholarships at private schools, Selective High Schools, IGNITE program, Gifted & Talented Placement and SEAL classes.

To view testimonials and success stories from some of our students and parents, please click on the testimonial/success story to expand its corresponding tab.

Ms. Lam, Mother of Year 3 Student

“North Shore Coaching has been providing the BEST way for my son to engage in learning. Of course each child learns differently, we are just lucky to find it works well so far! My son has become much more confident/happier at his weekday primary school since he started North Shore 18 months ago. Well done to the staff members at North Shore!”

Ishita Gupta, Scholarship & GATE Winner

“Without the skills imparted by North Shore, and support from my parents, I would not have been able to qualify for Duncraig Senior High school through GATE and receive a scholarship to IONA Presentation College.”

James Brew, Achieved 99.8/100 in the school English Component of Selective

“I am extraordinarily privileged to have had access to the amazing teaching and the rewarding programs here at North Shore. I can truly say that this program is excelling in every aspect and provides a quality of teaching I’ve never seen before. I never thought I could write a new text every week and complete a seemingly huge Maths booklet in my busy schedule, but the hours of hard work have paid off with me coming out of the program with selective school success and multiple scholarships.

I also scored a 99.8/100 in the school English component of selective which is all thanks to the incredible teaching of the teachers at North Shore Coaching College. I extend my thanks to all of the teachers that have helped me learn new and exciting Maths principles and equations, who have taught me how to make my poetry flow and who have taught me that patterns and number sequences aren’t all that hard.”

Isabella Lee, Student at Shenton College

“North Shore has taught me so many things, from expanding polynomials to essay writing techniques, but the one lesson that will always stay with me, throughout my life, is the life lessons they taught me. North Shore taught me that no matter how hard it seems, you can achieve anything if you work hard enough for it.”

Amelia Chiang, Scholarship Winner
“I first started attending North Shore Coaching College when I was in Grade 3 to seek a solution to achieve higher academic results in school. I still remember the first time I walked through the classroom doors, feeling all nervous inside but also a bit excited. However, it didn’t take long for me to get used to classes on Saturday and to make some new friends.

Now, when I walk through the doors I just see a smiling teacher and I quickly I grab my seat. After attending North Shore Coaching College, I realised that I didn’t have to be just another high achiever, but I could reach my full potential and be the best version of myself.”

North Shore Secret of Success

  • Our programs are researched by highly competent, effective and qualified educators.
  • Weekly tests in English, Maths and Thinking Skills (previously known as General Ability) at Year 5 and 6 levels are an integral part of the preparation for success in scholarship exams (ACER, Edutest, AAS) and Selective Schools Exam.
  • Continuous improvement and constant monitoring of changes to each state’s High School format and Syllabus. We undertake immediate and effective changes to our curriculum to not only reflect these changes to the High School assessments but to ensure that North Shore remain the most effective tuition college in Australia. Our students go on to distinguish themselves at Australia’s most respected universities.
  • Courses have proven extremely beneficial in assisting students to realise their potential and gain placement in Selective Schools and prestigious private schools.

Academic Accolades and Awards

Current and Previous Projects

North Shore Coaching College together with The University of Melbourne was awarded a SPIRT grant to research, “Ways to Improve Problem Solving Abilities of Students”. Close to 1,000 students were involved in the “proof of concept” and the final report was well received …

Read More


Quest Business Achievers Awards – North Shore Coaching College, consistently won the “Quest Business Achievers Awards” for Favourite Local Business in the Education & Coaching category. These prestigious annual awards are nominated by over 20,000 local readers of the Quest Community Newspapers published across Greater …

Read More


Accolade by Professor Griffin – Director of Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne
For the past fifteen years the University of Melbourne, through its Assessment Research Centre, has been collaborating with the North Shore Coaching College, Research & Development Division to conduct the Creative Problem Solving Competition.

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