Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners and High Achievers!

2024 Scholarship / GATE / Ignite / ICAS and ATAR High Achievers

North Shore Coaching College would like to extend its congratulations to our Scholarship Winners & High Achievers. Outstanding results once again reflect the hard work and dedication of our students and tutors.

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2024 Private School Scholarships & Ignite Program Winners (SA)

We are very proud to announce that there are 51 scholarship offers our students achieved this year (2024). Six students received 100% private school scholarships and nine students received over 75% private school scholarships. We also have 49 students who have been achieving great success with the Glenunga international high school. We have not only achieved the top rank six years in a row, and 6 students have entered the overall ranking top 10 in this year’s Ignite test.
We formally congratulate our students for their fantastic efforts and success.
We also appreciate the time and effort parents spend with their children encouraging them to attend class, complete homework, and strive for success.

2024 Annual Award Presentation (WA)

On May 21st 2024, hundreds of students and guests gathered at the Assembly Hall of North Shore Coaching College at 288 Stirling Street to celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of our students at North Shore.

The Principal, Mr. Bill Ng, was delighted to announce that North Shore (WA) had another brilliant year, with over 154 students winning scholarships to prestigious schools and gaining admission to Gifted & Talented Selective Programs at government independent schools. Additionally, many students achieved a top 1% ATAR in 2023.

The event was filled with a number of poignant moments with one particularly where Mr. Bill Ng asked all students to stand up, turn to face their parents, and say,

“Mum and Dad, thank you, I love you, and I’ll make you proud.”

This heartfelt display deeply moved the parents, guests and staff as Mr. Bill Ng, continued to express his gratitude to everyone present for making the celebration so special.

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2024 Scholarship / GATE Winners / Top 1% ATAR (WA)

2023 Private School Scholarships & Ignite Program Winners (SA)

We are very proud to announce that there are 62 scholarship offers our students achieved this year
(2023). Four students received 100% private school scholarships and four students received
over 75% private school scholarships. We also have 43 students who have been achieving great success with the
High School Ignite Program. We have not only achieved the top rank five years in a row, but 5 students
have entered the overall ranking top 8 this year, and a total of 15 students are among top 25 in this
year’s Ignite test.

We formally congratulate our students for their fantastic efforts and success.
We also appreciate the time and effort parents spend with their children encouraging them to attend
class, complete homework, and strive for success.

2023 Annual Award Presentation (WA)

“Welcome to our annual presentation. This year we have more than a hundred & 70 high achievers receiving awards… Congratulations to all of you! Winning top score in the ATAR; scholarships and/or the Gifted and Talented Exam is a remarkable achievement that you should be justifiably proud. This achievement is a wonderful return for your parent’s investment and your efforts; it also proves that you have the potential to thrive.”, WA Principal Bill Ng.

Managing Director and WA Principal’s full Speeches

Read our Managing Director Anson Mak’s speech here.
Read WA Principal Bill Ng’s speech here.

Winners’ Speeches

Ashvin Balavignan Chloe Lim
Hannah Nguyen Isabelle Wong
Luke Zhao Raamis Shazlee Muhammad
2023 Scholarship / GATE Winners (WA)

2022 Scholarship / GATE / Dux Winners (WA)
First Name Surname School
Aarav Gohil Duncraig Senior High School
Advait Bundela Carine Senior High School
Akithmi Methaya Wimalarathne Harrisdale Senior High School
Alisha Gobalakrishnan St Mary’s Anglican School for Girls
Alisha Balavignan Perth Modern School
Amadi Dissanayake Perth Modern School
Amrut Sushant Deshpande Willetton Senior High School
Aneesh Samanta Perth Modern School
Angela Huang Perth Modern School
Anika Gupta Shenton College
Artem Akselrod Christ Church Grammar School / Perth Modern School
Beshir Yousif Bilal Kelmscott Senior High School
Bhuvika Garg Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School / Perth Modern School
Bianca Binoj Mathew Harrisdale Senior High School
Bob Han- Busi Perth Modern School
Bryan Xia Perth Modern School
Bryce Chan Shenton College
Chelsea Wu Perth Modern School / All Saints College
Claire Wang Methodist Ladies’ College / Perth Modern School
Claire Xue Si Wen Ellenbrook Secondary College
Daisy Wu St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls / PLC / Perth Modern School
Danica Valerie  Vo Perth Modern School 
Diya   Sanjay St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls  / Perth Modern School
Dylan Joshy Shenton College / Churchlands SHS
Emma Ku Rossmoyne Senior High School
Eric Zheng Yuan Zhang Perth Modern School
Erica Udas Carey Baptist College / Harrisdale SHS
Erika Louise Coelho Bob Hawke College / Shenton College
Eshane Ong Melville Senior High School
Frederick Jacono Perth Modern School / Rossmoyne Senior High School
Grace He St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls 
Hannah  Wang Perth Modern School
Hans Diyamantha  Mahipala Mudalige Harrisdale Senior High School
Harish  Alagumey Harrisdale Senior High School
Inesh Sasvidu Kumarathunga St Norbert College / Perth Modern School
Isaac Ren Zae Lee Perth Modern School
Isabella Jin Methodist Ladies’ College
Isabella Yuan Iona Presentation College
Iyengar Daksh Perth Modern School
Jacky Che Perth Modern School
Jade Do Mount Lawley Senior High School 
Jeremy Won Rossmoyne Senior High School
Jerome Tan Perth Modern School
Jessica Sun Shenton College
Jordan Aurelius Vo Perth Modern School 
Justin Ishmael Matanguihan Henares Perth Modern School
Kailun Chen Rossmoyne Senior High School
Kandy Dheeraj Perth Modern School
Karen An Le Mount Lawley Senior High School
Kevin  Luu  Rossmoyne Senior High School
Kevin Yiyi Li Willetton Senior High School / Melville Senior High School
Krish Kapoor Willetton Senior High School
Kritish Saimathavan Perth Modern School
Krutav Tiwari Perth Modern School
Kylie  Zhang St Mary’s / MLC / Perth College / Perth Modern School
Lewin Sojan Mathew Harrisdale Senior High School
Lilia Inna  Bradley Perth Modern School 
Lucas Khoo Rossmoyne Senior High School
Lucas Yuhan  Wei Shenton College
Madhav Malhotra Rossmoyne Senior High School
Mahrus Tarif Khandoker Melville Senior High School
Maira  Singh Rossmoyne SHS / Perth Modern School
Matthew Wang Perth Modern School
Metta Hong Chi Chua Perth Modern School 
Millard You Rui Chong Carine Senior High School
Misri Praful  Umaretiya Duncraig Senior High School 
Mohammad Shawaiz Hasan Kelmscott Senior High School
Mudith Kariyawasam Perth Modern School
Nikhil Sai Varma Mantena Christ Church /All Saints / Perth Modern School
Olivia Jiang Perth Modern School
Olivia Kim Perth Modern School
Prisha Hardikkumar Patel  Kingsway Christian College / Carine Senior High School  
Raadin Ebadi Perth Modern School / Willetton Senior High School
Ramel Sethu Raman Perth Modern School
Ramviraat Juvvadi Perth Modern School
Raysha Amindi  Elvadura  Perth Modern School 
Rhea Dhsrmesh  Perth Modern School 
Riya Shrestha Perth Modern School
Rohit Gagan Gupta Perth Modern School / Rossmoyne SHS
Rose Zhang Perth Modern School
Rudraksha  Brahmbhatt Perth Modern School 
Rushil Tallakokkula Perth Modern School
Ryan Bai Mount Lawley Senior High School
Ryan Fan Perth Modern School
Sara  Rajwani  Perth Modern School 
Sarah Elizabeth Paul Bob Hawke College 
Sarah Maria Prince Harrisdale Senior High School
Senith Senhas Palliyaguruge Perth Modern School
Shameerhaa  Thayalan Shenton Collage
Shiying Zhou Shenton College
Sushree Tara Mangla Perth Modern School
Tanisha Singh Phull Shenton College
Tanusha Rajan Harrisdale Senior High School
Tina Kaharkaboodi Harrisdale Senior High School
Vidaa Sandeep Perth Modern School
Vihaan Golvelker Carey Baptist College 
Vikrant Vijayakumar  Kelmscott Senior High School
Vrindaa Varma Perth Modern School / Dux Winner
Xinyi Fang Harrisdale Senior High School
Xuchen Zhu Perth Modern School
Yahya Ishaq Khan Willetton Senior High School
Yan Xie Perth Modern School
Yenuk Weerasinghe Rossmoyne Senior High School
Yevin Kalutotage Willetton Senior High School
Yihan Grace Cui Perth College / Carine Senior High School
Yongle Shi Perth Modern School
Zachary Jayhan Achariam Harrisdale Senior High School
Zexin Zhao Willetton Senior High School
Zoya Fatima Perth Modern School
Zuhayer Mahruz Willetton Senior High School
Avinesh Nidhi Ganesh Perth Modern School
Suban Hasan Melville Senior High School


2021 ICAS Medal Winners and/or Top Performers (WA)
First Name Surname 2021 ICAS Medal Winners and/or Top Performers
Aarvi Dua Y4 Spelling Bee Medal Winner
Adhithi Mohankumar Y5 English Medal Winner 
Alice Wang Y4 Writing Medal Winner
Ashvin Balavignan Y5 Spelling Bee Medal Winner
Chenuthi Bandara Y5 Math Top Performer
Daksayan Sasiharan Y2 Math Top Performer
Daryl Kuh Y4 Math Top Performer
Dinagee Wijekoon Y5  Spelling Bee Medal Winner
Diya Sanjay Y6 Spelling BeeTop Performer
Emma Weng Y3  English Top Performer
Judeena Piratheepan Y2 English & Y2 Math Top Performer
Kritish Saimathavan Y6 Math Top Performer
Lisath Wijekoon Y3 Spelling Bee Top Performer
Nethuli Somarathna Y3 Writing Medal Winner
Nikki Susanto Y6 English Top Performer
Nileesha Senthuran Y2 Spelling Bee Top Performer
Phoebe Wen Y3 Math Top Performer
Shayan Islam Y5 Math Top Performer
Yanming Li Y4 Digital Technologies Top Performer
2022 Annual Award Presentation News (WA)

2022 Private School Scholarships & Ignite Program Winners (SA)

Congratulations to our Scholarship and Ignite winners.

2021 Scholarship / GATE Winners (WA)
First Name Surname School
Aarav Ricco Paul Perth Modern School
Abinash Jeyanthan Melville SHS
Adam Ingram Scotch College
Adarsh Natarajan Willetton SHS
Ajit Penikalapati Perth Modern
Akshika Gupta Willetton SHS
Aleena Binu Nair Perth Modern
Almas Huda Willetton SHS
Amber Lynch All Saints’ College
Andrew Gilleece Perth Modern
Angelina Liyanage Perth Modern
Angelina Ho Shenton College
Angelo Nethmaka Silva Willetton SHS
Aparna Sachithran Kelmscott SHS
Areebah Khan Bob Hawke College
Ashika Aradhya Rossmoyne SHS
Ashton Xian Jun Yu Willetton SHS
Aswini Regmi Kelmscott SHS
Avani Roopai Methodist Ladies’ College / Perth Modern
Aydin Hasan Shenton College
Brian Ho Mount Lawley SHS
Caiyan Yu Perth Modern
Chantelle Hui Rossmoyne SHS
Charles Teo Willetton SHS
Chloe Jain St Hilda’s  / Penhros / Perth Modern
Christian Pasquale Rossmoyne SHS
Claire Wang Methodist Ladies’ College
Clarissa See Holy Cross College
Coco Angelique Burgess Perth Modern
Daniel Puddey Christ Church Grammar School
Darian Karamipour Perth Modern
Debdattacharu Bhattacharjee Rossmoyne SHS
Dhairya Chhajer Perth Modern
Dharmik Chowdary Thummala Perth Modern / Carey Baptist College
Donal Tony Perth Modern
Elaine Chan Perth Modern
Elizaveta Fedotova Hoffman Pri SCHLR / Bob Hawke College
Elysee Ng Yizhen Perth Modern
Emilio Rafael Matanguihan Perth Modern
Eric Wenhao Xia Kelmscott SHS
Erik Kao Trinity College/ Perth Modern
Ethan Jun-Sheng Chen Perth Modern
Gerryne Ngoo Carey Baptist College
Gokul Ramadas Kelmscott SHS
Harnoor Singh Governor Stirling SHS
Isabella Leniartek All Saints’ College
Ishaan Kanodia Christ Church / Perth Modern
James Jin-Warden Shenton College
Jason Vettoor Chisholm Catholic College
Jayden Goh Trinity College
Judy Wang Carine SHS
Julieta Bravo Carine SHS
Kasish Raja Shankar Perth Modern
Kathleen Lin Applecross SHS
Kavinima Induwarini Mallawa Thanthrige Perth Modern
Kristina Chau Mount Lawley SHS
Kyle Jyen Ng Perth Modern
Tejas Morisetty All Saints’ College
Lakshmi Shrestha Kelmscott SHS
Leah Wu All Saints’ College
Lilia Bradley Perth Modern
Linisha Thayatharan Perth Modern
Lisa Jiwoo Yu Perth Modern
Lucas Robert Black Willetton SHS
Malvin Eleazher Ginting Harrisdale SHS
Matilda Ma Perh Modern
Methika Dinuk Wijesiri Mount Lawley SHS
Mihindee Weerasinghe Perth Modern
Muhammad Rafif Pravintara Kusumo Perth Modern
Muhammad Sarim Shazlees Perth Modern
Navanit Dinesh Perth Modern
Nethaya Mihindee Weerasinghe Perth Modern
Nishesh Paudel Perth Modern
Nithilan Ezhil Kotran Bunbury SHS
Nivethiha Manoharan Perth Modern
Pari Rawat Perth Modern
Parinika Pathak Perth Modern
Paul Henricus Scavenius Hodges Perth Modern
Peiyao Jiang Willetton SHS
Pia Mungra St. Andrew’s Grammar
Prastuti Beniya Willetton SHS
Q M Almas Huda Willetton SHS
Qiyan Emma Zhang All Saints’ College / Perth Modern
Rafif Kusumo Perth Modern
Ramin Alahsan Rossmoyne SHS
Rangana Jeyageethan Rossmoyne SHS
Rayaan Sameer Perth Modern
Rayhan Wasik Anindo Duncraig SHS
Sandra Lin Soe Kelmscott SHS
Seneja Willamune Perth Modern
Shawn Oluwasemilore Gbajabiamila Rossmoyne SHS
Sofi Hong Perth Modern
Stany Jomon Harrisdale SHS
Suri Siyuan Zhang Perth Modern
Susanna Che Willetton SHS
Tahlia Nguyen Churchlands SHS
Tanishka Menaria Perth Modern
Tejas Narayan Perth Modern
Valerie Kye Ching Tay Shenton College
Vihan Pathirathna Perth Modern
Vinudhi Silva St Hilda’s / Perth Modern
Vy An Tran Rossmoyne SHS
Wilbert Zhi Yuan Leong Melville SHS
William-Ashton Wee-Fradale Perth Modern
Windson Tang Hale School  / Perth Modern
Zara Nguyen Perth Modern
Zihan Zhang MLC / Perth Modern
Zihan Wang Perth Modern
ZiXuan Hu Perth Modern
Zoha Yousuf Kelmscott SHS


Many other Scholarship/GATE Winners & High Achievers are not listed as per their discretion.

2020 Top 1% ATAR Achievers (WA)
First Name Surname 2019 Top 1% ATAR Achievers
Taranvir Singh Kular  99.15% ATAR

Many other Top 1% ATAR Achievers are not listed as per their discretion.

2020 ICAS Medal Winners and/or Top Performers (WA)
First Name Surname 2020 ICAS Medal Winners and/or Top Performers
Aanisha Parveen Siddique Y7 Maths Top Performer
Aarvi Dua Y3 Maths Top Performer
Akshayan Mukbathan Y5 English Medal & Top Maths
Ashvin Balavignan Y4 Science and Spelling Bee Medal
Beatrice Chong Y7 Maths Top Performer
Chelsea Wu Y5 Digital Technology Medal Winner
Dhruv Sanjay Y2 Spelling Bee Top Performer
Diya Sanjay Y5 Spelling Bee Medal Winner
Dylan James Vytialingam Y2 Maths Medal Winner
Ishaan Gupta Y2 Maths Medal Winner
Jacob Tan Y3 Digital Tech Top Performer
Lisath Wijekoon Y2 English and Science Medal
Mathoosan Murugavel Y5 Maths Medal Winner
Niranjan Menon Y3 Spelling Bee Top Performer
Shanjayi Jeyageethan Y4 English Medal Winner
Shayan Islam Y4 Maths Top Performer
Taksheel Kumar Kadri Y5 Science Top Performer
Vikaash Surendran Y3 English Top Performer
Emily, Yanxi Zhang Y3 Maths & Spelling Bee Top Performer


Many other ICAS Medal Winners and/or Top Performers are not listed as per their discretion.

2021 Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition Top Performers (NSW)
First Name Year CAT Competition Result
David Year 5 High Distinction
Lawrence Year 5 High Distinction
Raksith Year 6 High Distinction
Bright Year 5 Full Marks

Here are the testimonials from our award winning 2020-2023 students:

What I most value about NorthShore was that they instilled a sense of responsibility and accountability in me, as well as the core values of motivation, determination and hard work. This idea of having the responsibility to put my one hundred percent into every task and question that I do, along with the accountability to make sure that I get every question correct and never repeat the same error, was the backbone of my academic growth and accomplishments over the years.

Name removed at request 99.85% ATAR High Achiever

I am grateful for North Shore and all the exceptional teachers at Rossmoyne who have taught me well. I would also like to thank my parents for their continuous support and encouragement to excel in any endeavours.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and that step is North Shore.

Chelsea Wu Scholarship & GATE winnerRead Chelsea Wu's Full Speech >

All the teachers at North Shore are extremely friendly. They will motivate their students and encourage them with little awards. Also, they always help with your weak points and try to help you as much as possible. North Shore also taught me new things that you probably won’t learn until a year later at school. As a result, my grades got better, I found school easier, and I became one of the smarter students in my class.

Daisy Wu Scholarship & GATE winnerRead Daisy Wu's Full Speech >

Northshore has been instrumental to my success at Gate and scholarship exams because Northshore provided me with important study skills, self-discipline, advanced course materials and much more. I also obtained valuable training in how to tackle hard questions within a given time limit which is the key to success in any scholarship exam. I would like to extend my heartful gratitude and thanks to all my wonderful teachers at Northshore for showing me my true potential and for guiding me all throughout. Thank you for making one of my many dreams come true.

Diya Sanjay Scholarship & GATE winnerRead Diya Sanjay's Full Speech >

Before the GATE and scholarship tests happened, I went to the North Shore Holiday Program three times. The program really helped as I learnt time management during a test, and what the test is like through a mock test.
During the later terms of Year 5, North Shore also had weekly in-class GATE mock tests training. This was very good because I can tell how I was fully prepared for the GATE test.

Vrindaa Varma Dux & GATE winnerRead Vrindaa Varma's Full Speech >
Taranvir Singh Kular - Top 1% ATAR High Achiever

“I would like to thank North Shore and its staff, especially Shaxx for pushing me to a level I never thought was possible. Shaxx has been my teacher and mentor since year 11 and without him I wouldn’t have got a 99 ATAR. I remember when I received my ATAR score at around 3 in the afternoon. At 3:02 I was on the phone with Shaxx. I have never had a teacher as great and as awesome as Shaxx and I don’t think I ever will.”

Taranvir Singh Kular 99.15% ATAR High AchieverRead Taranvir Singh Kula's Full Speech >
Ishaan Kanodia - Scholarship & GATE Winner

“I would like to thank North Shore for all the wonderful opportunities it has provided me with, that eventually led to me being accepted in Perth Modern School and receiving a scholarship to Christ Church Grammar School. The teachers at North Shore are passionate about what they teach and are all around sincere and hard-working people. They always give constructive and detailed feedback and visually show what you need to improve. They drive you to put in 200% of your effort in all of your tasks.

Ishaan Kanodia Scholarship & GATE WinnerRead Ishaan Kanodia's Full Speech >
Zihan Zhang - Scholarship & GATE Winner

“I would like the thank North Shore and all the staff and teachers who are so dedicated in teaching the students and making sure every lesson if fun and enjoyable. North Shore has been a place where I not only developed academic skills but it also taught me how to be more social and make more friends. North Shore is a great tutoring centre which has taught me to put everything towards not just maths questions but everything in life. Life is like a valley where you have to climb up, and try your best not to fall down the slopes, it will be hard to do this, but one day, when you are older, you will look back at the path you’ve taken and be astonished that you went that far, and persisted.”

Zihan Zhang Recipient of Methodist Ladies College Scholarship & Gained Admittance to Perth Modern through GATERead Zihan Zhang's Full Speech >

“Being at North Shore, I have picked up a truckload of skills and knowledge, had the opportunity to be taught by some fantastic teachers and gained a whole group of friends.”

Jahin Anwar 99.90 ATAR High Achiever

“North Shore gave me educational support all the way from my first day, to the GATE exam preparation classes in Year 6 and finally to the WACE exams in Year 12. It has been a long tough journey, but my teachers and friends at North Shore, and my parents, were along with me all the way. Not only has North Shore gifted me with academic ability, but also important life skills such as discipline, problem solving, time management, creative thinking and social skills.”

Peng Sheng High Achiever

“Thank you to the teachers who have taught me and have been passionate about their work. Thank you for passing on your knowledge to me and encouraging me to strive to do my best. You can only be you, the best you and no one can take that away. My parents and teachers taught me to never give up and try your best. Even if it meant to do extra math or go to that chemistry tutorial. To push your limits and see where you end up. There is no easy road to success.”

Vivienne Young High Achiever Year 12 Student

Success Stories

For the past 30 years, North Shore Coaching College has consistently assisted its students to excel in external examinations, high school examinations, international competitions, assessments for schools and other competitions.

Congratulations to our students who continue to excel in public high school examinations, International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), South-East Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO), and other competitions to maintain our excellent record of achievement. Outstanding results once again reflect the hard work and dedication of both our students and tutors.

North Shore students excelled in many areas this year

Our students were among the most successful recipients of Independent School Scholarships with thousands continue to receive places in our country’s most prestigious private schools.

We have consistently been receiving good news of our students who were awarded places in Opportunity Classes, scholarships at private schools, Selective High Schools, IGNITE program, Gifted & Talented Placement and SEAL classes.

To view testimonials and success stories from some of our students and parents, please click on the testimonial/success story to expand its corresponding tab.

Louise Cai, High Achieving Student

Dear Mr Mak, Thank you for teaching me maths for a year. I learnt heaps and had fun while learning. Your techniques have allowed me to gain a placement at North Sydney Girls High. Thanks very much! From a happy student, Louise Cai.

Monica Wang, Mother of Student

“North Shore Coaching Chatswood is much professional than others in this area. The services they provide are high stand. Strongly recommend.”

Om Adam, Parent of Student at Bankstown, NSW

“Thank you so much Rosa for your cooperation with our kids and all students you have, you are the best, most of the students joined North Shore last year in SELECTIVE preparation got a spot in selective schools 😊🤩.”

Patty Yuen, Mother of Student

“A great way to assist overseas kids to make a smooth transition into the Australian educational system esp when skipping a grade. My child enjoyed the challenges from the syllabus of the advanced stream, and he’s enjoying the science component of the course.”

Mineli Wickersinghe, Mother of Student

“North Shore year 5 and 6 program — Fast Train is excellent for developing children’s concept in mathematics.”

Ishita Gupta, Scholarship & GATE Winner

“Without the skills imparted by North Shore, and support from my parents, I would not have been able to qualify for Duncraig Senior High school through GATE and receive a scholarship to IONA Presentation College.”

James Brew, Achieved 99.8/100 in the school English Component of Selective

“I am extraordinarily privileged to have had access to the amazing teaching and the rewarding programs here at North Shore. I can truly say that this program is excelling in every aspect and provides a quality of teaching I’ve never seen before. I never thought I could write a new text every week and complete a seemingly huge Maths booklet in my busy schedule, but the hours of hard work have paid off with me coming out of the program with selective school success and multiple scholarships.

I also scored a 99.8/100 in the school English component of selective which is all thanks to the incredible teaching of the teachers at North Shore Coaching College. I extend my thanks to all of the teachers that have helped me learn new and exciting Maths principles and equations, who have taught me how to make my poetry flow and who have taught me that patterns and number sequences aren’t all that hard.”

Isabella Lee, Student at Shenton College

“North Shore has taught me so many things, from expanding polynomials to essay writing techniques, but the one lesson that will always stay with me, throughout my life, is the life lessons they taught me. North Shore taught me that no matter how hard it seems, you can achieve anything if you work hard enough for it.”

Amelia Chiang, Scholarship Winner
“I first started attending North Shore Coaching College when I was in Grade 3 to seek a solution to achieve higher academic results in school. I still remember the first time I walked through the classroom doors, feeling all nervous inside but also a bit excited. However, it didn’t take long for me to get used to classes on Saturday and to make some new friends.

Now, when I walk through the doors I just see a smiling teacher and I quickly I grab my seat. After attending North Shore Coaching College, I realised that I didn’t have to be just another high achiever, but I could reach my full potential and be the best version of myself.”

North Shore Secret of Success

  • Our programs are researched by highly competent, effective and qualified educators.
  • Weekly tests in English, Maths and Thinking Skills (previously known as General Ability) at Year 5 and 6 levels are an integral part of the preparation for success in scholarship exams (ACER, Edutest, AAS) and Selective Schools Exam.
  • Continuous improvement and constant monitoring of changes to each state’s High School format and Syllabus. We undertake immediate and effective changes to our curriculum to not only reflect these changes to the High School assessments but to ensure that North Shore remain the most effective tuition college in Australia. Our students go on to distinguish themselves at Australia’s most respected universities.
  • Courses have proven extremely beneficial in assisting students to realise their potential and gain placement in Selective Schools and prestigious private schools.

Academic Accolades and Awards

Current and Previous Projects

North Shore Coaching College together with The University of Melbourne was awarded a SPIRT grant to research, “Ways to Improve Problem Solving Abilities of Students”. Close to 1,000 students were involved in the “proof of concept” and the final report was well received …

Read More


Quest Business Achievers Awards – North Shore Coaching College, consistently won the “Quest Business Achievers Awards” for Favourite Local Business in the Education & Coaching category. These prestigious annual awards are nominated by over 20,000 local readers of the Quest Community Newspapers published across Greater …

Read More


Accolade by Professor Griffin – Director of Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne
For the past fifteen years the University of Melbourne, through its Assessment Research Centre, has been collaborating with the North Shore Coaching College, Research & Development Division to conduct the Creative Problem Solving Competition.

Read More

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