Year 3 Maths & Reasoning Skills

Core Program

A comprehensive course that develops your child’s potential in the key subject areas of Mathematics and General Ability. Each lesson contains 90 minutes of training in numeracy and thinking skills.

Course Goals
  • Develop advanced knowledge of numbers in thousands and beyond
  • Develop numerical operations
  • Develop understandings of fractions and decimals
  • Develop a range of thinking skills (general ability) concepts
  • Develop concepts of area, time and measurement using formal & informal units
  • Develop concepts of graphing, money, chance and probability
  • Develop concepts of shape, position and temperature
  • Develop basic exam techniques and problem solving skills
Course Structure
  • 4 terms in a year, 10 weeks in a term
  • 1.5 hour lessons per week, during term
  • Can be combined with Creative Writing (Maths & General Ability + Creative Writing: 2 hour lessons per week)
  • Can be combined with English (English, Maths & General Ability: 3 hour lessons per week)
  • Students attend lessons at their allocated time schedule
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators
Course Outline

Year 3 Maths & Reasoning Skills

Term 1
Week 1 — Revision, Basic arithmetic, problem solving, speed and accuracy
Week 2 — BODMAS, Basic arithmetic, speed and accuracy, problem solving
Week 3 — Roman numerals, problem solving, time, measurement and volume
Week 4 — Clock faces, digital time, telling time, revision – mental arithmetic, PS
Week 5 — Adding and subtracting time, speed & accuracy, PS, revision – multiplication
Week 6 — Problem solving, factors, numerical computations, revision – BODMAS
Week 7 — Problem solving, concept teaching – division, number variation, division, logic
Week 8 — Term test, fractions, concept teaching – fractions, revision, logic & lateral thinking
Week 9 — Concept teaching – application of division, variations, speed and accuracy – Multiplication
Week 10 — Concept teaching – fractions, problem solving, speed and accuracy, logic and later thinking

Term 2
Week 1 — Logic & lateral thinking, revision: multiplication, division, PS, Speed & Accuracy
Week 2 — Logic & Lateral thinking, concept teaching – sharing, PS-Sharing, speed & Accuracy
Week 3 — Revision, Logic & Lateral thinking, Ordering Numbers, Odd & Even numbers, PS
Week 4 — Revision, Logic & Lateral thinking, Temperature, Seasons, speed & Accuracy
Week 5 — Revision, Logic & Lateral thinking, Money, Hundredths, speed & Accuracy
Week 6 —
Week 7 —
Week 8 —
Week 9 —
Week 10 —

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