Year 4 Holiday Programs (QLD)

Holiday Success Programs

Our Holiday Success Programs comprises of one week of fun and enriching workshops to set your child up for success.


Advanced English, Maths and General Ability

Course Structure

  • 3 hour lessons
  • 5 lessons in one week
  • Small class group based
  • Registered teachers

Course Goals

  • Develop literal and inferential comprehensions skills
  • Develop spelling skills
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Develop grammar and punctuation skills
  • Develop advanced knowledge of number up to three digits
  • Develop numerical operations & basic understandings of fractions
  • Develop basic general ability (thinking skills) concepts
  • Develop concepts of area, time & measurement using formal and informal units
  • Develop concepts of graphing, money, chance and probability
  • Develop concepts of shape, position and temperature
Middle Effective Grammar and Creative Writing

Course Structure

  • 2 hour lessons
  • 5 lessons in one week
  • Small class group based
  • Registered teachers

Course Goals

  • Develop essential grammar and punctuation skills
  • Develop skills in syntax and structuring sentences
  • Develop creative thinking
  • Develop brainstorming and planning skills
  • Develop writing skills – to produce more informative, precise and engaging writing
  • Develop structural skills in forming paragraphs and longer texts
  • Provide additional writing opportunities for students
ICAS Science Preparation

This exciting course has been written to equip Year 3 and 4 students with the skills and competencies necessary to achieve their personal best in the ICAS Science exams.

This comprehensive 5 day course covers the following topics:

  • Earth
  • Observing the Sky
  • Space
  • Energy
  • Machines
  • Magnets, Circuits & Gears
  • Graphs & Measurements
  • Food Webs
  • Life
  • Living

Concepts are taught by enthusiastic tutors and students have the opportunity to undertake challenging questions. Answers are explained to ensure thorough understanding of content.

This course will ensure students become more familiar with question types and better prepared for test situation requirements.

A wonderful course for a budding scientist and indeed for all students who wish to ensure thorough preparation prior to the exam.

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