Year 7 Science

Core Program

This course covers the key subject area of Science.

Our term courses are scheduled in line with public school term dates. There are 4 terms per year and usually 10 lessons per term, with one lesson each week. You can commence our courses at any time, however a new term starts in late January, April, July and October.

Our Science course enable students to:

  • Cover a variety of stimulating and challenging mathematics questions to systematically introduce and reinforce key concepts, and develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Program schedules are designed to allow maximum flexibility for students.

Course Structure
  • Science
  • 4 terms in a year, 10 weeks in a term
  • Not offered as a single subject course
  • Can only be combined with Maths (Maths + Science: 2 hour lessons during the week)
  • Students attend lessons at their allocated time schedule
  • Small class group based
  • Registered teachers
Course Outline


Term 1
Week 1 — What is Science? Introduction to Science in High School
Week 2 — The Scientific Method; Common Laboratory Equipments
Week 3 — Burning Substance; Using a Bunsen Burner
Week 4 — Measurements: Instruments & Scales
Week 5 — Interpreting and Drawing Graphs
Week 6 — Data Processing and Scientific Reports
Week 7 — Energy: Different Forms of Energy and Energy Transfer
Week 8 — Revision and Test
Week 9 — Separating Mixtures I
Week 10 — Separating Mixtures II

Term 2
Week 1 — Classification I: Making Use of a Key
Week 2 — Classification II: Constructing a Key
Week 3 — Living Things I
Week 4 — Living Things II: Vertebrates
Week 5 — Food Chains and Webs
Week 6 — Micro-organisms in Ecosystems
Week 7 — Energy Flow in Ecosystems
Week 8 — Revision and Test
Week 9 — Skill and Data Processing Test
Week 10 — Human Impacts and Sustainable Land Management

Term 3
Week 1 — Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources
Week 2 — Uses of Renewable Energy
Week 3 — The Water Cycle
Week 4 — Water Recycling and Management
Week 5 — Motions of the Earth and Moon
Week 6 — Eclipse
Week 7 — Tides
Week 8 — Revision and Test
Week 9 — The Seasons
Week 10 — Weather Science

Term 4
Week 1 — Models of the Solar System
Week 2 — Forces
Week 3 — Gravity
Week 4 — Simple Machines
Week 5 — Applications of Forces – Safety and Sports
Week 6 — Experimental Design and Evaluation of Experiments
Week 7 — Uses of Models in Science
Week 8 — Revision and Test
Week 9 — Density and Flotation
Week 10 — Dinosaurs

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