Year 6 English (WA)

Core Program

A comprehensive course that develops your child’s potential in the key subject area of English. Each lesson contains 90 minutes dedicated to developing literacy.

Course Goals
  • Develop advanced literal and inferential comprehension skills
  • Develop competency and creativity in writing across a range of text types
  • Develop superior spelling skills
  • Develop an advanced vocabulary
  • Develop grammar, usage and punctuation skills
Course Structure
  • 4 terms in a year, 10 weeks in a term
  • 1.5 hour lessons per week, during term
  • Can be combined with Creative Writing (English + Creative Writing: 2 hour lessons per week)
  • Can be combined with Maths & General Ability (English + Maths & General Ability: 3 hour lessons per week)
  • Students attend lessons at their allocated time schedule
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators
Course Outline

Term 1
Week 1 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Nouns, Lexicon
Week 2 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Proper Nouns, Personification, Skellig
Week 3 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Collective Nouns, root words
Week 4 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Abstract Nouns, Lexicon
Week 5 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Technical Nouns, Advanced Synonyms
Week 6 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Singular & Plural Nouns
Week 7 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Pronouns, Proofreading & Editing
Week 8 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Relative & interrogative pronouns, context
Week 9 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Demonstrative, Distributive, Indefinite pronouns
Week 10 — Comprehension, Vocabulary, Review of Pronouns, Homophones, similes

Term 2
Week 1 — Comprehension, vocabulary, Adjectives
Week 2 — Comprehension, vocabulary, Demonstrative, distributive & indefinite Adjectives
Week 3 — Comprehension, vocabulary, interrogative adjectives
Week 4 — Comprehension, vocabulary, Adjectives – comparative & superlative degree
Week 5 — Comprehension, vocabulary, Idiomatic Language, skills revision
Week 6 — Comprehension, vocabulary, Verbs
Week 7 — Comprehension, vocabulary, Verbs, “ie”/”ei”
Week 8 — Term Test + Comprehension, vocabulary, word square, verb
Week 9 — Comprehension, vocabulary, verbs – agreement,
Week 10 — Comprehension, vocabulary, The “s” words, Adverbs – common & interrogative

Term 3
Week 1 — Comprehension, vocabulary, word puzzles, proverbs, Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
Week 2 — Comprehension, vocabulary, spelling strategies, synonyms
Week 3 — Comprehension, vocabulary, prepositions, fictional texts, spelling skills, synonyms
Week 4 — Comprehension, vocabulary, punctuation, word puzzles, irregular verbs
Week 5 — Comprehension, vocabulary, brain teasers, investigating humour-II
Week 6 — Comprehension, vocabulary, sentence structure: the predicate, Book summary
Week 7 — Comprehension, vocabulary, sentence structure: Direct object, Adjectives
Week 8 — Term Test + Comprehension, vocabulary, sentence structure: Indirect object
Week 9 — Comprehension, vocabulary, general knowledge, sentence structure: complement
Week 10 — Comprehension, vocabulary, euphemisms, novel extract, sentence structure: complement

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