Year 11 Maths Extension 1

Core Program

Our HSC Year 11, 3 Units Maths – Extension 1 course cover key topics, reinforce foundations and focus on typical examinations questions, so students will be more confident at school.

Our term courses are scheduled in line with public school term dates. There are 4 terms per year and usually 10 lessons per term, with one lesson each week. You can commence our courses at any time, however a new term starts in late January, April, July and October.

Our courses enable students to:

  • Develop all skills and knowledge to fulfil syllabus objectives and outcomes
  • Acquire an extensive range of problem-solving strategies and techniques to maximise exam results
  • Develop and foster self-discipline and efficient study habits
  • Turn hard work and efforts into visible rewards

Our course fees are inclusive of all learning materials. Each lesson includes an experienced educator teaching learning concepts and examples, students completing exercises and homework tasks to reinforce concepts.

We offer face-to-face and online learning options.

Join us for Tuition that Works. For further information, please contact us.

Course Structure
  • Year 11, 3 Units Maths – Extension 1
  • 4 terms in a year, 10 weeks in a term
  • 2 hour lessons per week, during term
  • Students attend lessons at their allocated time schedule
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators
Course Outline


Term 1
Week 1 — Functions and their Properties I
Week 2 — Functions and their Properties II
Week 3 — Eleven Special Functions and Application to Daily Life
Week 4 — Graphical Relationships I
Week 5 — Graphical Relationships II
Week 6 — Absolute Values and Absolute Inequalities
Week 7 — Parametric Equations of Functions and Inverse Functions
Week 8 — Review and Consolidation
Week 9 — Polynomials I – Remainder Theorem and Factor Theorem
Week 10 — Polynomials II – Zeros, Roots, Factors, and Solving Polynomial Equations

Term 2
Week 1 — Polynomials III – Multiplicity and Multiple Roots
Week 2 — Polynomials IV – Rational Functions and Rational Inequalities
Week 3 — Trigonometric Functions
Week 4 — Further Trigonometry I
Week 5 — Review and Consolidation
Week 6 — Further Trigonometry II
Week 7 — Further Trigonometry III
Week 8 — Combinatorics I: Counting & Permutations
Week 9 — Combinatorics II: Permutations & Combinations
Week 10 — Combinatorics III: Application of Permutations and Combinations

Term 3
Week 1 — More on Permutations and Combinations
Week 2 — Binomial Theorem I
Week 3 — Binomial Theorem II
Week 4 — Proof by Mathematical Induction
Week 5 — Review and Consolidation
Week 6 — Differentiation of Trigonometric Functions
Week 7 — Inverse Trigonometric Functions I
Week 8 — Inverse Trigonometric Functions II
Week 9 — Integration (I): Method of Substitution
Week 10 — Integration (II): Substitution and Other Techniques

Term 4 (Year 12 EXTENSION 1)
Week 1 — Integration (II): Trigonometric Identities
Week 2 — Derivatives of Inverse Functions Including Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Week 3 — Integration Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Week 4 — Volumes of Solids of Revolution
Week 5 — Review and Consolidation
Week 6 — Vectors in Two Dimensions I
Week 7 — Vectors in Two Dimensions II
Week 8 — Vectors in Two Dimensions III: Scalar Product
Week 9 — Rates of Change I: Average & Instantaneous Rate of Change
Week 10 — Rates of Change II: Simple Application of Rates of Change

Term 4 (Year 12 EXTENSION 2)
Week 1 — Mathematical Logic Formal Language I
Week 1 — Mathematical Logic Formal Language II
Week 1 — Methods of Proof
Week 1 — Inequalities (I): Prove Inequalities by Using Properties
Week 1 — Review and Consolidation
Week 1 — Inequalities (II): Further Inequalities
Week 1 — Geometric and Absolute Inequalities
Week 1 — Further Proof by Mathematical Induction (I)
Week 1 — Further Proof by Mathematical Induction (II)
Week 1 — Operations on 3-D Vectors (I)

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