[SA] 2021 Private School Scholarships & Ignite Program Winners

We are very proud to announce that there are 56 scholarship offers our students achieved this year including 47 academic, 7 music (M) and 2 all-rounder offers (R). Three students received 100% academic scholarships and four students received 75% academic scholarships. We also have 67 Students (Year 6 & Year 7) have been achieving great success with the Glenunga High School Ignite Program. One of our students has attained the highest Ignite ranking of Top 1.

We formally congratulate the following students for their fantastic efforts and success.

We also appreciate the time and effort parents spend with their children encouraging them to attend, complete homework and to strive for success.

2021 Private School Scholarships Winners

Pembroke E. W. Y. C. R. C. L. L.
J. Y. H. E. (M) L. G. (M)  
St Peters A. K. T. G.    
St Peters Girls S. Y. S. Z. J. G. C. Z.
S. L. (M)      
Wilderness B. P. H. E. (M)    
Seymour S. K. S. Z. B. P. S. Y.
N. Z. N. T. A. H. R. K.
Walford N. T. Y. Z (M)    
St Ignatius Y. C. J. D. S. W. A. Z.
Pulteney Grammar N. T. N. B. R. Q. M. J.
M. Z. (M)      
PAC J. Y. D. S. M. Z. (M)  
Westminster X. X.      
Scotch P. F.      
St John’s Grammar T. S. Z. B. S. X.  
Loreto N. Z. N. B. Y. Z. (R)  
Pedare A. L.      
St Andrews S. D. J. C.    
Concordia S. W. J. S. B. W. (R)  
St George C. W.      
USC J. L. M. L.    

2021 Ignite Program Winners

(Names listed in random order)

Top 1 L. T.    
Two Years A. K. G. T. J. Y.
C.M. A. Z. J.L.
M.Y. R. Q J.X.
B.L. R. C. J.G.
W. H. M. J. A. H.
L.L B.L. J.D.
D.L. J.X. A.H.
Three Years L.G. S. R. C. W.
E.L. S. S. T.P.
X. Z. E. W. Y.C.
E.M. J.K. D.J.
M.Z. K.C. N.M.
S.R. A.L. R.K.
N.W. I. R. S.K.
C.T. S.H. K.G.
A.C. B.W. D.X.
I.Y. N.L. I.S.
I.L. K.Y. R.Y.
N.L. P.K. H.L
E.Y. S.G. E.P.
M.W. A.H. D.S.

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