Year 9 Maths

Core Program

This course covers the key subject area of Maths.

Our term courses are scheduled in line with public school term dates. There are 4 terms per year and usually 10 lessons per term, with one lesson each week. You can commence our courses at any time, however a new term starts in late January, April, July and October.

Our Maths course enable students to:

  • Cover a variety of stimulating and challenging mathematics questions to systematically introduce and reinforce key concepts, and develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Program schedules are designed to allow maximum flexibility for students.

Course Structure
  • Maths
  • 4 terms in a year, 10 weeks in a term
  • 1.5 hour lessons per week, during term
  • Can be combined with English (English + Maths: 3 hour lessons per week)
  • Can be combined with Science (Maths + Science: 2.5 hour lessons per week)
  • Students attend lessons at their allocated time schedule
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators
Course Outline

Year 9 MATHS

Term 1
Week 1 — Indices I
Week 2 — Indices II
Week 3 — Surds I
Week 4 — Rationalisation of Denominator
Week 5 — Coordinate Geometry I
Week 6 — Coordinate Geometry II
Week 7 — Equation of a Straight line (I)
Week 8 — Revision & Test
Week 9 — Equation of a Straight line (II)
Week 10 — Bivariate Data

Term 3
Week 1 – Properties of Geometric Figures
Week 2 –  Deductive Proofs Using Quadrilaterals
Week 3 –  Trigonometric Ratios (I)
Week 4 – Trigonometric Ratios (II)
Week 5 – Trigonometry (III)
Week 6 – Application of Trigonometry (I)
Week 7 – Application of Trigonometry (II)
Week 8 – Revision Test
Week 9 – Similar Figures
Week 10 – Consumer Arithmetic: Wages, Salary and Taxation

Term 4
Week 1 – Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
Week 2 – Probability of Two Events (I)
Week 3 – Probability of Two Events (II)
Week 4 – Mensuration (I)
Week 5 – Mensuration (II)
Week 6 – Common Logarithms (I)
Week 7 – Common Logarithms (II)
Week 8 – Revision & Test
Week 9 – Non Linear Relationships
Week 10 – Proportion and Variation

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