Year 6 Holiday Programs

Holiday Success Programs

Our Holiday Programs comprises of one week of fun and enriching workshops to set your child up for success.


Intensive Training – English, Maths & General Ability

Includes Trial Test, Express Revision and tutorial. Set your child up for Scholarship, Selective School & GATE Success.

It is vital that students are familiar with the demands of the exam situation in order to maximise their success in the Selective Schools Entrance Examination. Students undertake full length test papers. The teacher then guides students through an explanation of the most challenging questions to ensure thorough understanding.

Course Structure

  • 6 hour intensive training lessons (including Trial Test)
  • 5 lessons in one week
  • One-week holiday program
  • Small class group based
  • Registered teachers

Course Goals

  • Develop valuable experience in test taking
  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge base of question styles essential for success in the Selective Schools Entrance Exam and Scholarship tests
  • Develop advanced literal and inferential comprehension skills
  • Develop mathematical skills & competencies
  • Develop problem solving & lateral thinking skills
  • Develop exam & time management techniques
  • Develop confidence in test taking
Effective Genre Writing & Essay Writing Skills

A skilled and creative writer will excel in ICAS, Selective Schools, Scholarship and other school-based writing exams. Since writing skills take time to develop it is vital that students get an early start in order to maximise their skills and opportunities for high school exam success. Ensure your child possesses the vital writing skills and competencies in order to maximise their exam success. This course will also allow students the opportunity to consolidate skills prior to the transition to high school for Year 6 students. A highly recommended course.

Course Goals

  • Develop creative writing skills
  • Develop skills in writing effective topic sentences
  • Develop character analysis skills
  • Develop plot techniques
  • Develop knowledge of text types: formal letter writing, diary opinion, descriptions and news articles
  • Foster creativity and develop planning skills

Course Structure

  • Available as a Holiday Program for Years 5, 6 and 7 students
  • 2 hour lessons daily for 5 days during the holiday program week. Please check our timetable for course running dates.
  • Students attend lessons at their allocated time schedule
  • Small class group based
  • Registered teachers
Debate & Public Speaking Workshop

The ability to speak confidently and eloquently in front of an audience is vital for success. Equip your child with the essential skills to make them an effective communicator. This course provides both the skills set and opportunity to experience debating and public speaking through meaningful and engaging activities.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop vocal projection, posture and delivery skills
  • Develop knowledge of speech structure
  • Develop understandings of the interaction of purpose, audience and language choices in speech writing
  • Develop knowledge of correct use of quotations and evidence
  • Develop research skills
  • Develop key skills in debating
  • Develop confidence and social interaction
  • On Campus

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