Year 6 Holiday Programs

Holiday Success Programs

Our Summer Holiday Programs comprise two weeks of fun, enriching workshops to set your child up for success.


Extend Your Problem Solving & Lateral Thinking Skills

The ability to think laterally is the pathway for success in high school. Students who are successful lateral thinkers and effective problem solvers have a definite advantage over their peers. This course provides the perfect opportunity to develop essential skills of success.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop an arsenal of problem solving tools for application in various settings
  • Develop problem solving skills in relation to motion and time problems
  • Develop understandings of combinations and permutations
  • Develop understandings of cryptarithms and probability
  • Develop skills in solving matchstick puzzles
  • Develop understandings of venn diagrams and grids
  • Develop logical and lateral thinking skills
Advanced Comprehension & Writing Skills

The ability to communicate creatively and effectively through the written word is becoming crucial for Selective School and Scholarship exam success. Ensure your child has the skills needed to optimise their results in the major exams over the coming year.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop skills for writing effective narrative orientations
  • Develop knowledge of similes and metaphors
  • Develop sentence structure and paragraphing
  • Develop creative and original thought
  • Develop comprehensions skills across a range of text types: book and movie reviews, formal letters, information texts, biography and myth
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