Year 6 Holiday Programs

Holiday Success Programs

Our Summer Holiday Programs comprise two weeks of fun, enriching workshops to set your child up for success.


Challenge Maths & Innovative Science Workshop (with Experiments)

The ability to think laterally is the pathway for success in high school. Students who are successful lateral thinkers and effective problem solvers have a definite advantage over their peers. This course provides the perfect opportunity to develop essential skills of success.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop an arsenal of problem solving tools for application in various settings
  • Develop problem solving skills in relation to motion and time problems
  • Develop understandings of combinations and permutations
  • Develop understandings of cryptarithms and probability
  • Develop skills in solving matchstick puzzles
  • Develop understandings of venn diagrams and grids
  • Develop logical and lateral thinking skills
Upper Effective Genre and Essay Writing Skills

Course Structure

  • 2 hour lessons
  • 5 lessons in one week
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators

Course Goals

  • Develop essential grammar and punctuation skills
  • Develop skills in syntax and structuring sentences
  • Develop creative thinking
  • Develop brainstorming and planning skills
  • Develop writing skills – to produce more informative, precise and engaging writing
  • Develop structural skills in forming paragraphs and longer texts
  • Provide additional writing opportunities for students
  • On Campus

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