Year 11 Maths Advanced

Core Program

Our HSC Year 11, 2 Units Maths – Advanced course cover key topics, reinforce foundations and focus on typical examinations questions, so students will be more confident at school.

Our term courses are scheduled in line with public school term dates. There are 4 terms per year and usually 10 lessons per term, with one lesson each week. You can commence our courses at any time, however a new term starts in late January, April, July and October.

Our courses enable students to:

  • Develop all skills and knowledge to fulfil syllabus objectives and outcomes
  • Acquire an extensive range of problem-solving strategies and techniques to maximise exam results
  • Develop and foster self-discipline and efficient study habits
  • Turn hard work and efforts into visible rewards

Our course fees are inclusive of all learning materials. Each lesson includes an experienced educator teaching learning concepts and examples, students completing exercises and homework tasks to reinforce concepts.

We offer face-to-face and online learning options.

Join us for Tuition that Works. For further information, please contact us.

Course Structure
  • Year 11, 2 Units Maths – Advanced
  • 4 terms in a year, 10 weeks in a term
  • 2 hour lessons per week, during term
  • Students attend lessons at their allocated time schedule
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators
Course Outline


Term 1
Week 1 — Algebraic Technique (I) – Surds and Indices
Week 2 — Algebraic Technique (II) – Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions
Week 3 — Algebraic Technique (III) – Rational Expressions of Algebraic Fractions
Week 4 — Sets, Relations and Functions
Week 5 — Functions and Graphs
Week 6 — Building Functions from Functions
Week 7 — Graphical Transformations
Week 8 — Review and Consolidation
Week 9 — Linear Models
Week 10 — Linear Inequalities

Term 2
Week 1 — Quadratic Models
Week 2 — Quadratic Functions
Week 3 — Solving Simultaneous Linear and Quadratic Functions
Week 4 — Rational Functions and Equation of Circles
Week 5 — Review and Consolidation
Week 6 — Polynomial Functions
Week 7 — Trigonometry (I) – General Angles and Radian Measure
Week 8 — Trigonometry (II) – Solving Triangles
Week 9 — Trigonometry (III) – Arc Length, Area of Sectors and Applications of Trigonometry on 2D and 3D Problems
Week 10 — Trigonometric Functions (I) – Trigonometric Graphs

Term 3
Week 1 — Trigonometric Function II: Trigonometric Identities and Solve Simple Trig. Eqn.
Week 2 — Trigonometric Function III: Simplifying Trig. Expressions & Solving Trig. Eqn.
Week 3 — Differentiation I: Limits and Continuity of a Function
Week 4 — Differentiation II: First Principles
Week 5 — Review and Consolidation
Week 6 — Differentiation III: The Chain Rule
Week 7 — Application of Differentiation I: Tangents and Normals
Week 8 — Application of Differentiation II: Velocity and Acceleration
Week 9 — Exponential & Logarithmic Functions I
Week 10 — Exponential & Logarithmic Functions II

Term 4 (Year 12 Headstart)
Week 1 — Exponential & Logarithmic Functions III: Calculus of Exp. & Log. Functions
Week 2 — Probability I: Theoretical Probability & Laws of Probability
Week 3 — Probability II: Sets and Venn Diagrams
Week 4 — Probability III: Conditional Probability & Independent Events
Week 5 — Review and Consolidation
Week 6 — Probability IV: Discrete Random Variables
Week 7 — Probability V: Multiple-stage events and Two-way tables
Week 8 — Mean & Variance I: Expectation & Properties of the Expectation
Week 9 — Mean & Variance II: Variance & Properties of Variance
Week 10 — Mean & Variance III: Application of Expectation & Variance, population parameters & sample statistics

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