Year 10 Holiday Programs

Maths Revision & Headstart Program

Our course structure for each program:

  • Between 1 hour and 55-minutes to 2 hour lessons per course, every day for 5 days. Please check our timetable for course running dates.
  • Small class group based
  • Registered teachers
Exam Power Series: Vital English Skills for Exam Success

Develop vital English skills for exam success in Senior High School. Topics discussed include:

  • Overview of key skills and poetry study
  • Fictional writing: short stories
  • Fictional writing: novels
  • Drama, film and television
  • Factual and opinionative writing
Exam Power Series: Effective Poetry & Essay Writing Skills

Develop your poetry and essay writing skills to achieve exam success in high school. Topics discussed include:

  • Thinking, Reading, Writing: The Short Story
  • Modeling Style and Developing Ideas
  • Essay Writing
  • Examination Techniques
  • Writing Poetry


Shakespearian Literature for Exam Success

Gain an appreciation of Shakespeare in this introductory discussion of Shakespearean theatre with an exploration of a selection of texts including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet, Othello and Macbeth.

Maths Revision & Headstart on Key Topics

Get a headstart in Year 10 Maths by revising key Maths concepts and learning new Maths topics and skills. Our highly popular program ensures maximum skills development.

Exam Power Series: Assessment & Exam Genre Writing

Develop genre writing skills by focusing on eight key genres: lecturette, speech, news article, op-ed, letter to the editor, interview and radio discussion. Develop skills such as building an argument, using evidence, using persuasive language and rhetorical techniques, comparison and contrast in discussion, opinionative and factual writing.

Leadership & Public Speaking Skills

This course is designed to allow students to reach their full potential as speakers, and as leaders, by teaching essential skills of planning, writing and delivering a variety of types of public speaking that are keys to successful public speaking, stronger oral skills, greater self-confidence and taking on a leadership role. Topics discussed include:

  • Anecdotes, debating and rhetoric
  • Monologues and public speaking in character
  • Planning and Writing speeches
  • Delivering lecturettes and speeches
  • Public Speaking: Manner and Presentation
  • On Campus

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