Ages 3 – 4+ Term Programs

Bright Sparks Fastrain Programs

Focus on Basic English, Reading, Phonics, Maths

Suited for children ages 3 – 4+ years old.

Our school preparation course ensures a solid foundation for success in the year prior to starting Kindergarten (NSW/ACT)/Prep (QLD/VIC)/Pre-Prep (WA)/Reception (SA).

A comprehensive study of literacy and numeracy that is essential for students in the lead up to a formal school education. The course builds upon the skills and competencies covered in our Pre-School (NSW)/Pre-Kindy (QLD) tutoring course. Experienced educators provide a supportive and caring learning environment.

Our course structure for each program:

  • 2 hour lessons per week
  • 10 weeks per term. Please check our timetable for course availability and pricing.
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators
Bright Sparks Fastrain Program (Ages 3+)

An introduction to formal learning in literacy and numeracy in a supportive, caring and warm learning environment.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop phonic skills
  • Develop fine motor cutting, gluing and drawing skills
  • Introduce correct letter formation
  • Develop a sight vocabulary
  • Develop early reading skills
  • Develop basic numeral recognition, counting and numerical operation skills
Bright Sparks Fastrain Program (Ages 4+)

The year before the first year of formal schooling is critical for developing the foundation for later academic success in life. Our course ensures your child receives a comprehensive education that covers the fundamental skills and competencies necessary for academic success. Ensure your child’s progress is maximised the year before entering formal first year of school by enrolling your child today to our Bright Sparks Fastrain Program for Ages 4+.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Advanced phonic phonic skills – single sounds, blends and diphthongs
  • Develop handwriting skills
  • Develop spelling skills
  • Develop writing skills and sentence formation
  • Develop sight vocabulary
  • Develop advanced knowledge of number up to three digits
  • Develop numerical operations and advanced counting skills
  • Develop basic general ability (thinking skills) concepts
  • On Campus

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