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Primary School: Fastrain Programs

Our Primary School Fastrain Programs are carefully designed for students studying in Kindergarten / Pre-Prep / Preparatory Year through to Year 6 to develop your child’s literacy & numeracy skills.
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Secondary School: Fastcoach Programs

Our Secondary School Fastcoach Programs are tailored to challenge high school in academic enrichment, extension and acceleration.
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School Holiday Programs

Innovative school holiday tuition for Kindergarten, Pre-Prep, Preparatory Year, Primary (Year 1 to 6), Secondary (Year 7 to 10) to senior high school students during the school holidays.
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We offer a FREE assessment of each child’s ability so that he or she is enrolled at the optimum level.

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Success Stories

We have regularly received good news from our students being awarded places in accelerated learning programs,
scholarships at private schools, Selective High Schools and top universities.
Here are just some testimonials from our past and present students.


Isabella Lee

a student at Shenton College (Perth, WA)

“North Shore has taught me so many things, from expanding polynomials to essay writing techniques, but the one lesson that will always stay with me, throughout my life, is the life lessons they taught me. North Shore taught me that no matter how hard it seems, you can achieve anything if you work hard enough for it.”

Isabella, who is 11 years old, sat for the Year 9 entrance GATE test and was admitted into Shenton College’s Gifted & Talented Education program.”


Raisa Anwar

a medical student at University of Western Australia (Perth, WA)

“North Shore gave me a chance to challenge myself and test my boundaries to see if I can achieve things that I once thought were way out of my league. With the effort and support of the teachers at North Shore, my school, parents and my dedication, I achieved my goals. I went on to win second prize at the National Choose Maths Awards in 2016, be the DUX of my school, achieved an ATAR of 99.45 and was accepted into medicine at the University of Western Australia with an excellence scholarship”.

Raisa started North Shore classes in 2011. At that time according to her, general ability questions took ages to solve and that there were English words she didn’t even know but were being asked descriptive alternatives for a synonym. Through North Shore’s coaching, she learnt to stop procrastinating, worked hard to seize every opportunity to improve and never let failure defeat her.


Amelia Chiang

Scholarship winner (Melbourne, VIC)

“I first started attending Northshore Coaching College when I was in Grade 3 to seek a solution to achieve higher academic results in school. I still remember the first time I walked through the classroom doors, feeling all nervous inside but also a bit excited. However, it didn’t take long for me to get used to classes on Saturday and to make some new friends.

Now, when I walk through the doors I just see a smiling teacher and I quickly I grab my seat. After attending Northshore Coaching College, I realized that I didn’t have to be just another high achiever, but I could reach my full potential and be the best version of myself. “