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Primary School: Fastrain Programs

Our Primary School Fastrain Programs are carefully designed for students studying in Pre-School / Pre-Kindy / Kindergarten through to Year 6 to develop your child’s literacy, numeracy and general ability skills.
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Secondary School: Fastcoach Programs

Our Secondary School Fastcoach Programs are tailored to challenge high school students in academic enrichment, extension and acceleration.
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Holiday Programs

Innovative school holiday programs for Pre-School, Pre-Kindy, Primary (Kindergarten to Year 6), Secondary (Year 7 to 10) to senior high school students during the school holidays.
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We offer a FREE assessment of each child’s ability so that he or she is enrolled at the optimum level.

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Success Stories

We have regularly received good news from our students being awarded places in accelerated learning programs,
scholarships at private schools, Selective High Schools and top universities.
Here are just some testimonials from our past and present students.


Xiang Lin Saw

Year 6 student (Qld)

“I would like to thank all the dedicated and ebullient teachers here at North Shore, including the principal and administrators that have truly helped and inspired me not only in terms of academic performance, but also in all broader aspects in life.

When I first planned to come to this tutoring program, I expected students having to just do work by themselves, page after page. However, this was not the case. As I said, the teachers there do a phenomenal job in teaching the students. Students can effortlessly expand their learning as the teachers give a friendly learning environment, allowing students to feel as they are some place where they will have guidance when making mistakes. I find it greatly moving and profound that the staff are set about working beyond their requirement. This is one the many things in North Shore that I find truly amazing.


Lakshita Patil

Year 12 student (QLD)

“Before I started North Shore, I was struggling quite a lot in school. I had been in Australia for a few years but adapting to its standard of education and homework commitment was difficult. North Shore has helped me not only in improving my academic performance but also boosted my confidence and attitude towards learning. By providing their utmost one-on-one attention, they encouraged me to be independent and responsible and helped me prepare for a better future. And for all that, I am truly grateful.”


Jackson Dong

Year 6 student & multiple scholarship-winner (QLD)

“On behalf of North Shore students old and young, I would like to thank North Shore staff, teachers and principals. They have worked countless hours in the hopes of preparing us for our future, and their flawless teaching made me understand truly what I could achieve. Being able to learn in North Shore is undoubtedly a great opportunity, so we must learn to cherish it.”


Vivienne Young

Year 12 student (QLD)

Thank you to the teachers in this room, who have taught me and have been passionate about their work. Thank you for passing on your knowledge to me and encouraging me to strive to do my best. You can only be you, the best you and no one can take that away. My parents and teachers taught me to never give up and try your best. Even if it meant to do extra math or go to that chemistry tutorial. To push your limits and see where you end up. There is no easy road to success.”


Rina Li

Year 6 student (Upper Mt Gravatt, QLD)

“My family’s wish was very simple, just to help me catch up a little bit with the local students. With 3 years of study at North Shore, my homework scores soared from C gradually to A. I’m not being treated like an overseas student anymore. I’m capable of competing with my local peers. I won the Prize Certificate and Best of School Certificate in the Australian Mathematics Competition in Year 4, got several Distinctions and High Distinctions in ICAS exams in Year 5 & 6, and proudly attended the da Vinci Decathlon representing my school in year 6 – and won.  I truly believe that without North Shore, I couldn’t have achieved these results. I enjoyed school life much more and gained more self-confidence too.

Speaking of nice teachers… I want to thank my teachers this year for being the best teachers I’ve ever had. I say you’d also want to go to a Maths class where your teacher tells you how to make little toys or a writing class where we brainstorm the world’s most insane and hilarious poems ever.”

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