Announcement: North Shore Online Learning

Exciting new learning opportunity for North Shore students!

Dear Parents,

We engage in an exciting learning opportunity and are delighted to announce that most North Shore classes for New South Wales will be available online (from Term 1 Week 9) via our North Shore Student Area.

girl on laptop

What are the benefits of North Shore Online for our students?

  • Watch lessons;
  • Submit completed homework;
  • Receive marked homework;
  • Receive online interactive homework support;
  • Undertake lessons from the comfort of your home; and
  • Opportunity to replay videos to consolidate understanding.

Your child’s learning can continue without interruption.

To take advantage of North Shore Online, you must ring your Campus Director or support staff. You must choose EITHER face to face or online lessons.

Should you have any further questions or require any further assistance, please contact your Campus Director or support staff, or telephone 02 9415 1860.

Yours sincerely,

Anson Mak
National Managing Director
North Shore Coaching College

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