Primary: Fastrain Programs

Our Primary School Fastrain Programs are carefully designed for students studying in Pre-School/Kindergarten through to Level Six to develop your child’s literacy & numeracy skills.

Classes are run during each school term for a duration of 10 lessons per term, with 4 terms per year.

A typical class is split into the key subjects of English, Creative Writing/Written Expression, Mathematics & General Ability:

  • The English Programs typically incorporate the key aspects of Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Writing and Vocabulary skills.
  • The Creative Writing/Written Expression Programs are designed to introduce students to different genres of writing, methods to improve writing technique, structure and syntax of writing.
  • The Mathematics Programs cover all aspects of Numeracy, Space, Measurement & Problem Solving. After introducing the key concepts of a topic, a typical lesson will include a variety of stimulating and challenging questions, as well as Speed & Accuracy questions to reinforce the learning.
  • The General Ability Programs encourage students to develop lateral thinking and logical reasoning skills and is comprehensive in introducing concepts such as verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning as well as general knowledge

For students serious about the Opportunity Class (OC) and Selective High School examinations, we offer special exam-focused training programs.

To ensure that your child gains the best from our Programs, we offer a free assessment of each child’s ability so that he or she is enrolled at the optimum level.