Why choose North Shore Coaching College?

North Shore Coaching College is Australasia’s leading tuition college with over 65 campuses in Australia and New Zealand. Established since 1991, we have been delivering the benchmark in quality, affordable educational services for students from pre-school, kindergarten, primary and high school.

Our Philosophy

We believe in fostering each child’s potential and hence offers a range of structured term and holiday programs tailored to each child’s age and ability.

NSCC operates in accordance with a number of key values that aim to provide meaningful feedback to students and parents regarding progress; ensure a secure learning environment; and to continually improve our service provision.

Through regular formal assessments and ongoing teacher evaluation, NSCC is able to assist students realize their full potential by identifying areas in which they need to improve.

It is important for children to feel secure in their learning environment, so here at NSCC we do not tolerate any form of discrimination and demand the highest standard of professionalism from our teachers. We are constantly working towards improving the professional practice of our staff through a process of systematically reviewing our teaching materials.

Continual improvement of our curriculum and teaching methods ensures you can be confident of the quality of all services provided as these core values underpin our educational goals.