Year 2 Holiday Programs

Headstart Success Program

Our course structure for each program:

  • Interactive Academic Learning
  • Between 1 hour and 55-minutes to 3 hour lessons per course, every day for 5 days. Please check our timetable for course running dates.
  • Small class group based
  • Experienced educators
Bright Sparks Maths & English Program

Extend your child’s literacy and numeracy skills to ensure a successful year of learning. Our highly successful program ensures maximum skills development.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop comprehension skills – close and short answer formats
  • Develop reading, writing and spelling skills
  • Develop creative writing skills
  • Develop punctuation skills and vocabulary building
  • Develop 2-digit addition skills using horizontal and vertical algorithms
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Develop concept of constructing 3-digit numbers
  • Develop skills in interpreting graphs and using 2D shapes


Maths & English Enrichment Program

Perfect for students needing enrichment across the range of literacy and numeracy skills. This course will ensure your child has a solid foundation for the academic year.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop spelling skills – look, say, cover, write, check method
  • Develop comprehension skills – multiple choice and short answer formats
  • Develop creative writing skills
  • Develop knowledge of diphthongs and rhyme
  • Develop concepts of codes, money and time
  • Develop addition & subtraction skills – vertical algorithms up to 4-digit numbers
  • Develop problem solving and multiplication skills
  • Develop knowledge of number words and fractions
Grammar, Sentence Structure & Creative Writing

A comprehensive course of grammar, sentence structure and writing to ensure your child is well equipped for the demands of the English curriculum in the school setting.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop essential vocabulary
  • Develop understandings of the correct rules of usage
  • Develop comprehension skills – short answer and multiple-choice formats
  • Develop knowledge of possessive nouns, adjectives and pronouns
  • Extend understandings of gender and articles
  • Develop creative writing skills
Speech & Drama Workshop

An exciting & enjoyable program to develop your child’s creative nature whilst boosting their self-esteem. A comprehensive exploration of vocal and performance skills that will engage your child’s imagination culminating in a play performance on Day 5 (and Day 10).

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop mime and improvisation skills
  • Develop vocal techniques – pitch and volume control
  • Develop theatrical characterisation skills
  • Develop poetry recitation skills
  • Develop knowledge of reader’s theatre
  • Develop performance skills
  • Develop confidence and social interaction skills
Art & Craft Workshop

Provide your child the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge of an artist through our engaging and enjoyable program. Students engage in art and craft activities designed to bring out their creativity as they experiment with shape, colour and form.

Course Goals

Among the outcomes:

  • Develop skills in the manipulation of various media
  • Develop knowledge of colour
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Develop artistic knowledge of shape, form and perspective
  • On Campus

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