Successful Stories from Our Students

Success in 2019

 99.95 ATAR High Achiever – Yueqi Lin

Dear teachers, students and parents,

I apologize for not being with you on the presentation evening. However, I will deliver my messages in this letter. I achieved a 99.95 ATAR in 2018. I received a direct pathway to medicine at the University of Western Australia and Chancellor’s Scholarship at the University of Melbourne. I was humbled and honored to be asked to write this letter.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards North Shore and its staff. I would like to thank the principles for managing such a fantastic place for learning and enrichment. I also want to say thanks to all North Shore teachers who go beyond their duty and dedicate their time and effort to us. In particular, my teacher, Mr Shakeel Mowlaboccus has not only been an inspiring teacher and a whole-hearted mentor but also a dear friend. He insisted us not calling him “sir” but by his name “Shaxx”. His lessons were fun and memorable and most importantly, very beneficial. I felt extremely lucky to be put into such a wonderful class at North Shore.

I first came to Australia when I was in year 8. Coming to a completely new environment with English being my second language, I was very shy and not confident. My mom enrolled me in North Shore.  I was very disappointed to be put down two grades in English but my English teacher showed nothing but patience.  The experience was full of hardship. That is when my mom reminded me that there is a chance for me to grow whenever the situation is difficult. Although once a week does not seem much, I was exposed to a little extra knowledge every week. Just like what my mum said, this little extra turned out to be what it needs to leave many people behind.  I gained confidence in myself as my academic grades improved and I made friends and found my own place at school.

Just a few years ago, I would have not imagined getting a full score of 99.95 ATAR. Just like everyone else, I still remembered the days I did not understand the teachers in class, wondering what the question meant and spending longer than anyone else on an English assignment. I did not wake up to have good grades but I consistently worked hard. I also remembered myself doing the same type of Maths problem many times, revising my science notes over and over again and trying to get ahead of my class. I knew that every effort I put in would make a positive difference.  I knew that study is an investment with very few risks. We cannot foresee the future but what we can do is to make the best out of today.

You may think that having good grades means never having fun. This is false. I enjoyed studying and I was always self-motivated. Whenever I was bored, I always thought why not do some study. Study can be enjoyable if you think of it as one of your hobbies. Seeing yourself acquiring more knowledge and skills is more satisfying than just entertainment. You can be smart and have a fun, balanced life at the same time. No matter who you are and what you do, you can build on yourselves by pursuing knowledge.

I would like to thank principals of the North Shore centre and the teachers again. Without them, I would not have been here today. Also, let us not forget how grateful we should all be to our parents who always try to provide us with the best.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



 99.90 ATAR High Achiever – Shivasankaran Jayabalan

Good evening parents, staff and my fellow students. My name is Shiva Jayabalan. I had the privilege of attending North Shore for the majority of my schooling life, and it is truly an honour to be here tonight.

I remember when I first started North Shore at the Rossmoyne Centre when I was in Year 2, studying English and Mathematics. To be quite frank, I despised it at the beginning. As a seven-year-old child, I hated having to wake up early on a Sunday morning to have 3 hours of boring classes, be given homework that I had no interest or motivation in doing, and worst of all: learn how to spell and rote learn the definitions of 20 words for the weekly spelling test. Thanks to the demon known as procrastination, my Saturday nights were consistently ruined.

However, as the years went by, I started to realise why my parents had forced me to attend North Shore. By the end of primary school, North Shore had helped me with many tests I had to sit for, including the GATE and scholarship assessments. All those years of struggling with those gruelling General Ability questions had resulted in huge benefits for my studies! Realising how large of an advantage North Shore could provide me in my education, in upper primary school and high school I became much more motivated to attend North Shore and complete the work I was given there. All of a sudden, I was doing all of my North Shore homework without my parents asking me to… before Saturday night! And it was definitely helping. Throughout high school, I have lost count of the amount of times where we were introduced to a new concept in class, but I had already been taught the same concept at North Shore. This made secondary school a lot easier than what it would have been if it were not for North Shore.

North Shore not only provided me with a broad range of practice questions every single week, it also had a multitude of quality teachers who helped me develop my study skills, which I am extremely grateful for. There were a countless number of teachers who helped me throughout my North Shore life. One example of a teacher who helped me a significant amount is Mr Ho, who taught me Mathematics at North Shore for three years. He explained Mathematics concepts very thoroughly and clearly, in a way that was accessible to many students. He also often wrote extra worksheets for us, to complement the content which was in the booklet for that week. I remember Mr Ho teaching us logarithms in Year 9 Mathematics. This topic was in the Year 12 syllabus in school. North Shore was preparing me for my ATAR exams when we were still in junior high school, and I can safely say that this was extremely beneficial for my upper school education.

At the end of last year, I completed my final ATAR exams and graduated from Rossmoyne Senior High School with an ATAR of 99.90. I will be studying Actuarial Science at Curtin University this year, and have received a Curtin Excellence Scholarship. I am certain that without North Shore, none of this would have been possible. Thank you to all of the staff and principals at all the North Shore centres, for keeping the program running.

Congratulations to all the other award winners and all the best for your future endeavours.



 99.90 ATAR High Achiever – Ocean Ma

Dear North Shore

I still remember the first day that I came to you. I was in Year Three and it was a bright and sunny day, but despite that, I had a feeling of nervousness. When I first entered the school I was welcomed by the friendly Principals Raymond and Lisa, who directed me towards my classroom. Before entering the class I believed that it would be a cold and stern classroom full of gloomy children, but I was seriously wrong. Instead, I was met with cheerful, curious students who were eager to ask questions and learn. Their friendliness allowed me to quickly make friends with them and along with the atmosphere of knowledge both motivated me and gave me access to a wealth of resources.

I really appreciate how North Shore not only taught me the standard subjects of Maths and English but also helped me improve on my critical thinking and problem solving skills through their general ability topic. The wild and expansive resources that North Shore offers allowed me to gain more experience on the different questions types, and also allowed me to learn how to tackle unexpected questions that I have not seen before. This along with the life long skills such as discipline and time management that North Shore taught me through the weekly homework and the tests every term have truly helped preparing me for my future studies.

Due to the countless amazing teachers at North Shore and the support of my loving parents, I have been inspired and cultivated a love of learning. Through their help, I was able to achieve an ATAR of 99.90 and received the Chancellor’s Scholarship to the University of Melbourne to study Medicine.

Therefore, I would just like to say… Thank you North Shore.


  Top 1% ATAR High Achiever – Abhimanyu Bisht

Good evening teachers, students, parents. I hope you’re well. My name’s Abhimanyu Bisht. I went to Chisholm Catholic College and this year I will be studying the Bachelor of Philosophy with a double major in Medical Science and Biochemistry.

I’d like to start by congratulating all teachers and fellow students on what has been a fantastic year.

North Shore has had a significant impact on my life and contributed a lot to my success in school. After scraping through the lower years of high school, I entered into my year 11 class at Northshore. I quickly became aware of how far behind I had fallen due to my laziness up to year 11, but with the help of Shaxx, my year 11 and 12 teacher and some commitment, it wasn’t long before I began to catchup to the rest of the kids. The good thing about Northshore is that not only did it help me catch up to everyone but Shaxx’s rigorous tutoring helped me excel further than I could’ve imagined. Shaxx created a fun learning environment and provided clear explanations coupled with mountains of homework to really help us succeed. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the hard work he put into me and fellow classmates, and by no exaggeration do i say this, iwouldn’t have made it here today if it weren’t for his help.

Motivation was key for me during year 11 and 12 as it is a very long journey and i believe it’s a journey which shouldn’t be tackled alone, so I’d also like to thank my friends and family. My family continually supported me whether it be from driving me to Northshore or helping me stay focused and committed. Their belief in me helped me to keep working hard when it was tough because I was working for more than just myself.

I sat my WACE exams in November last year and finished with an ATAR of 99.25 graduating as the highest ATAR of my school. If I had to offer any advice to the future students, it’d be to realise that success isn’t made overnight. It takes commitment and great persistence so be prepared to put it in from an early stage and maintain that strong work ethic, and eventually I promise it will pay off. People smile about their success as it is so amazing to see your hard work pay off, but behind that smile is a story of grit and determination, working through hard times and rough days.

So finally I’d like to thank Shaxx, my parents, Northshore for all their help and this opportunity to speak today. Thank you


  Scholarship & GATE Winner – Jiarui Xiang

Good evening staff, parents and students. I am very grateful and without North Shore I wouldn’t be standing here right now sharing with you the roller coaster of a journey I’ve had.

My name is Jiarui Xiang and I am currently a Year 7 student at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. In sharing my story with you I hope to inspire you and show you that life will always provide speed bumps no matter what. I would like to acknowledge all the students here today who have been challenged again and again and persisted through them.

I am lucky enough to receive a St Hilda’s scholarship and a place to attend Perth Modern through GATE. North Shore has helped me so much both academically and socially too. I would like to especially thank Mrs. Power and Miss De Leon who are very dedicated and helped me grow and push through some of the hardest times.

I started North Shore when I was in year 4, not even knowing there was such a thing as the GATE test. The first day I started, I walked through the door thinking it was just a “learn and play” experience. I was so wrong. During the spelling test I hardly knew what the words were, let alone the meaning of them. I ended up achieving a score of 14/30 which I thought was pretty good until I heard the other scores. Nearly everyone got 30/30. From then on, my mum had to literally drag me out of bed to go to North Shore. But as the weeks went on I started to enjoy North Shore and befriended a girl called Ayli who has helped me immensely.

North Shore provided me with great opportunities, discipline and a great outside of school education. The teachers are so dedicated and clever, making each lesson fun and engaging. It has taught me to put 110% into everything and sometimes even that wasn’t enough. North Shore provides such a friendly and safe environment, and my fellow students and friends often push me to not only achieve better scores but also become a better person.

I would last of all like to thank my parents who have encouraged and helped me and put up with me all these years. Starting a journey in North Shore will be hard and every time you climb a mountain another appears. But one day when you look back at your journey you will never believe how far you’ve come.

Thank you for your time.


  Scholarship & GATE Winner – Kerry Cao

Good evening everyone, my name is Kerry Cao and currently in Year 7. I received an offer from Perth Modern School and scholarship offers from All Saints’ College and St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. I have enrolled into All Saints’ College Senior School.

Tonight, I am very grateful for this opportunity to share with you some of my experiences.

First of all, I would like to thank God for giving me my talents, which I have developed along the way. I would like to thank my parents, who have always supported me and helped me. Without them, I wouldn’t be possibly standing here today. I believe that you all feel the same as me. This evening is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to our parents.

I really want to express big thanks to North Shore and the teachers who taught me. I started to study in North Shore Lynwood Centre at the end of Year 4. I grew in knowledge, understanding and experience. The North Shore lessons were definitely worth it. After attending North Shore, I spent more time on studying. With three booklets placed in front of me each week, I couldn’t possibly ignore them.

Some people say that the exams are hard. I don’t think so. The preparation for the exam is what I consider challenging, sitting the exam itself is not as difficult. In my opinion, the key to success is to really understand everything you’ve learnt and to show perseverance. I would like to use a famous quote by Martin Luther King to end my speech: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Thank you.


  Scholarship & GATE Winner – Lilia Bradley

Good evening proud parents, wonderful teachers, happy students and the brilliant Mr and Mrs Mak. I am Lilia Bradley and without Northshore, I would have never received scholarships to All Saints, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School and Perth Modern School.

When most people hear that their parents signed them up for a Saturday school, a string of protests would arise, as most children do not want to waste their weekends. I however, was in my room packing a pencil case before my mum even finished her sentence!

I was extremely happy that finally, in year 3, I was allowed to go to school 6 days a week! And, I would discover the new, mysterious world of General Ability. Which would prove to be very useful in the near future.

There, on my first day, as I stood in my new classroom, I breathed in the wonderous air and sat down in the front desk. I instantly felt at home. Then a motion caught my eye. A girl, my age, was clutching a Northshore bag saying goodbye to her parents. I made the move. “Hi, I’m Lilia what’s your name come sit next to me.” That girl’s name was Nishi Patel. To this day we remained best of friends. By the way, she is a year 7 student at Perth Modern now-congrats Nish. Over the years I have made many more friends through Northshore. So, apart from the obvious academic benefits and life lessons, Northshore also presents you with hopefully lifelong friends and valuable networking.

Personally, for me, Northshore also provided another different experience. Being a student of a private girls’ school from Kindy and a member of the Australian Girls’ Choir from Pre-Primary, Northshore gave me the opportunity to see what it’s like to have boys in your classroom. In saying that, I must notice how much more I appreciate my all-girls school now.

Seeing how much I loved Northshore, my parents have finally found that one thing they can use as a punishment threat: “If you don’t do this and that, there will be no Northshore this Saturday!” It has worked for the past four years and still works a treat for them.

Possibly one of my favourite Northshore memories was in year four, when Mrs Fraser set us the challenge to create a song about simplifying, in return of two extra certificates. I was right on to it. I wanted those certificates. When my time came, I stood in front of the class and sang. “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify, Sim-pli-fy!” I will spare your ears and not sing the rest of the song but, nonetheless, I still received those certificates.

I must acknowledge all the special people who made it so easy to love Northshore. My teachers; Mrs McDurmat, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Luighting, Mr Bob and Mr Jeff. They made learning fun and exciting like Mrs Luighting, who made spelling tests fun by adding “It was Adam’s fault” to all sentences during the test. And my wonderful Carine centre manager, Debbie, who has become an extended family member to so many of us. I would also like to thank my peers for providing a heathy competition and pushing me to be the best I can be and of course my parents for finding Northshore for me and allowing me to excel.

So, just like the famous Australian singer Paul Kelly sings: From little things big things grow, during my time in Northshore from little certificates big scholarship discounts grew and I am now looking forward to my next six years with Northshore which I know will help me to achieve my 99.95 ATAR score followed by Uni scholarships because, as we all know, it is the hardest things that are worth doing.

Thank you for listening.


  Scholarship & GATE Winner – Sophia Atartis

Good evening everyone. I would like to welcome Mr and Mrs Mak, distinguished guests, parents, students and teachers. My name is Sophia Atartis and I am currently a Year 7 student at Perth Modern School.

I started attending North Shore in Year 4 and have been going there for three years now. I have always enjoyed school and learning, however I feel that North Shore has truly helped me to further my education and extend my knowledge.

I have a very balanced life and I participate in multiple activities such as karate, acrobatics, music, River Rangers, PEAC and leadership programs.

North Shore can offer you many opportunities, for example, it can help you improve your academic abilities or even take you further and help you excel. In my case, I was able to get into the GATE program.

No one likes to do extra homework, but the truth is, the homework that North Shore sets is actually of exceptional quality. North Shore gives extensive information on the topics you are learning in class, which helps you to fully understand them. Getting homework every week has really helped me to prepare for high school especially learning to juggle my North Shore homework with my school homework and get it all done on time.

North Shore has made a big impact on my life and I am very grateful for the learning opportunities it has offered me. I would especially like to thank Mrs Julianna Tse and all of my teachers for their ongoing support and dedication.

I look forward to continuing on this wonderful journey of learning and wish you all the very best for your future. Thank you.

Success in 2018

 Top 1% ATAR High Achiever – Raisa Anwar

“Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

It wasn’t that long ago that I graduated from high school with a farewell speech, and honestly, after seven years with North Shore, it feels as if I’ve just graduated from here too. With the hype of the GATE tests coming up when I was in your shoes, my parents enrolled me in North Shore. After the first day, I felt like all the colour drained out of my life. Those general ability questions took ages to solve and don’t even get me started on the ridiculous words that popped up in English whose synonyms I was apparently supposed to know, when I didn’t even know what they meant themselves. Friday nights were a frenzy from procrastination, and on Saturday mornings, I’d be a walking zombie as I went to class.

But I can’t help but thank my parents that they put me through what I once thought was torture, but played a major role in shaping who I am today. Being at North Shore, I’ve picked up a truckload of skills and knowledge, had the opportunity to be taught by some fantastic teachers and gained a whole group of friends. And Raymond and Lisa were always there too.

North Shore gave me a chance to challenge myself and test my boundaries to see if I can achieve things that I once thought were way out of my league. With their efforts, my school’s, my parents’ and obviously me, myself and I, I managed to win second prize at the National Choose Maths Awards in 2016, be the DUX of my school, get a 99.45 ATAR and get accepted into medicine at University of Western Australia with an excellence scholarship.

To all of you who’ve started high school, if I can do it, there is nothing stopping you. Work hard, seize every opportunity you find, get back up if you ever fall down and something that weeks of North Shore homework has taught me; do not procrastinate. You’ll only be shooting yourself in the foot and make your life miserable. Do all that, and you’ll surely see the fruits of your labour. Don’t forget to get involved in extra curriculars, keep some time for your hobbies and interests, hang out with your friends and lead a balanced lifestyle. Enjoy your high school experience, it only happens once and it’ll be over before you know it. And when you get to my place where you’ve got to drive yourself to university early in the morning and sometimes have classes in the evenings as well, you’d think ‘Geez, I’d do anything to go back.”

With all that said, I’d like to thank North Shore for your support throughout the years, and for organising such an auspicious event. Congratulations, and I wish you all the very best with your future endeavours.

Thank you.”

 Scholarship & GATE Winner – Monique Hashem

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I would like to acknowledge the North Shore staff, parents, and my fellow students this evening. Thank you for the invitation to present my story. I am humbled and grateful to be here.

My name is Monique Hashem and I am a Year 7 student at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. In sharing my journey with you briefly, I hope I can express the learnings and achievements I have made in my life and the attribution of these which are important to me.

I am the recipient of a St Hilda’s scholarship and also gained admittance to Perth Modern School through GATE. Learning and education is important to me, as well as my sporting commitments. I am a figure skater (yes I am in cold temperatures most days of the week – at an ice rink training) and am ranked fourth in Australia. This story is about resilience, balance and fulfilment.

I began North Shore two years ago and found the support of the North Shore family absolutely amazing. I am extremely grateful to the staff at the Rossmoyne Centre, in particular Julianna who has shown dedication, commitment and support to me since I began. It hasn’t been a bed of roses – there are many times when I have been travelling interstate to compete, representing Western Australia, and doing my North Shore books on a plane, in time for the plane to land on a Sunday morning, so I can get to Sunday afternoon classes!

North Shore has provided structure, discipline, extensive information and challenging problem solving and application which has made me a life- long learner. The classroom discussions, fellow student interactions and stimulus from the North Shore teachers has been instrumental in my success. My grandmother often asks me if I have “down time” with all the physical training, competing and then school plus North Shore attendance on a weekend. My reply to her is “Nan – I love North Shore – my friends are there, it’s a fun afternoon and I really like being part of the learning circle”.

Finally, I want to acknowledge both my parents and extended family for their support, nurturing and encouragement of me. Life is a marathon – it’s about hard work, regular training and perseverance. Happiness and fulfilment are keys to a good life and I wish everyone here this evening all the very best for a successful future ahead.”

 Scholarship & GATE Winner – Rishita Sarkar

“Good evening guests, parents, staff and students. My name is Rishita Sarkar and I am currently a Year 7 student at Perth Modern School. Before I move on, I would like to congratulate you all on your achievements. It will have taken determination, grit and a lot of hard work to get where you are today, and now, it’s time to sit back, relax and celebrate these accomplishments.

I have been attending North Shore at the Morley Centre for a few years now, and it has been worth waking up every Sunday morning while all my friends were fast asleep in bed. It has motivated and driven me to work hard to fulfil my dreams. Even the little things, like collecting certificates and hoping for the trophy at the end of the term. Little successes lead to bigger successes, and that is exactly what happened. Not many people I have known who managed to receive a scholarship or a place at a selective school did it without the help of North Shore’s tuition, no matter what centre they went to. I myself received a 100% scholarship at St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, after I ranked first in the test, as well as a place at Perth Modern School. I was also accepted into one of the nation’s top schools, North Sydney Girls High School. North Shore played a significant role in all of it. I also received the Dux Award, and Science and Digital Technologies Award at my primary school.

North Shore has taught me many new concepts and skills, many of which I didn’t learn at primary school until, in some cases, two years later. In that way, it has been incredibly helpful. You may not notice at first, but after some time you will see a gradual improvement in your results.

One of the reasons I have enjoyed my time at North Shore so much is because of the many friends that I have made over the years, some of whom are with me at Perth Modern School now.

I have been very fortunate to get great teachers throughout the years, especially people like Mr Alwis, Ms Valerie and Miss Mercieca. On that note, I must mention Mr Raymond Miu, Principal of the Morley Centre. He is so helpful and enthusiastic, no matter what. He always goes the extra mile with his great advice.

There is no doubt that we will be hearing many more success stories in the years to come. I hope that I have been able to encourage you like the past speakers have inspired me.

Thank you.”

 Gifted and Talented Winner – Anzo Patel

“Hello, students, teachers and parents,

My name is Anzo Patel. I was born in London, England and I moved to Perth in 2013. I was born profoundly deaf in both ears and was speech delayed for the first few years of my life. Fortunately, my parents got me implanted with cochlear implants which help me to hear.

I am currently in Year 7 at Perth Modern School, thanks to North Shore. Last year I took the GATE test and got accepted into Perth Modern. I also passed the test for the specialist maths program at Rossmoyne Senior High School and was offered a place there.

I first started attending North Shore in Year 5 at the centre here in Perth City. At the beginning I absolutely hated the idea of going to a ‘Sunday School’. Everyone was so smart and I was really nervous and had no idea what to do. Thanks to the help of the excellent teachers here, I started to increase my confidence and grades. Coming to North Shore every Saturday taught me loads of new things and I made many new friends.

North Shore has helped me so much including getting accepted into Perth Modern, improving my school grades, getting lots of high scores in tests and much more. I was very lucky to get so many excellent teachers who helped me over the years. It was one of the main reasons why I got accepted into Perth Modern.

Without North Shore I would not be where I am today.

Thank you for listening to me.”

 Gifted and Talented Winner – Isabella Lee

“Good evening, parents, teachers and students. I hope you’re all well. My name is Isabella Lee and I currently attend Shenton College’s prestigious Gifted and Talented program. I wouldn’t be here, giving you all a speech, if it hadn’t been for my parents and North Shore.

I started North Shore in late Year 6. It has to be admitted that I was more than a little reluctant; after all, what type of 11-year old would want to spend their precious Saturday afternoons behind a desk, learning curriculum meant for people two years above?

Not me, that’s for sure. It didn’t help that I didn’t score particularly well in the weekly tests. However, I soon improved. My report card came back with A’s and high B’s. I was both shocked and pleased. But I couldn’t rest on my laurels.

This year, I sat the Year 9 entrance GATE test, and was admitted into Shenton College’s GATE program. North Shore had equipped me with the skills I needed in the test; the Year 6 exam preparation tests certainly worked their magic on me!

Northshore has taught me so many things, from expanding polynomials to essay writing techniques, but the one lesson that will always stay with me, throughout my life, are the life lessons they taught me. Northshore taught me that no matter how hard it seems, you can achieve anything, if you work hard enough for it.

I’d like to thank North Shore for that, and my parents as well. I met people along the way, formed countless friendships, and my parents supported me all the time; and it’s because of them I am here now.

Thank you all, again, and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.”

Success in 2017

Dujinthan Jayabalan (99.95 ATAR Top Achiever) 99.95 ATAR Top Achiever – Dujinthan Jayabalan

“Good evening teachers, students, parents. I hope you’re well. My name’s Duji. I went to Rossmoyne Senior High School and this year, I was lucky enough to receive an offer for assured entry into Medicine, via the Bachelor of Science, at the University of Western Australia, which is where I will be studying this year.

I’d like to start by congratulating all teachers, family members and students on a fantastic year. I’d also like to thank North Shore and its staff for all the time and effort they put into not only ensuring North Shore students have a highly educational experience, but also an enjoyable one.

I started my North Shore journey as a year 2 student studying maths and English, finishing my journey studying year 12 specialist mathematics. I had the privilege of being a North Shore student for 10 years. That’s more than half of my life. North Shore had a significant impact on my life and contributed a lot to my success in school. I remember when I first entered a North Shore classroom at the ripe old age of 7. Learning was a pretty low priority for me at the time. I was more focussed on beating all 8 gym leaders in Pokémon than learning long division or acing my spelling test. I did make several long lasting friends in North Shore, some of which I still have today. North Shore provided me a positive learning environment which fostered success.

As I got older, the scholarship tests came and went and I began to realise how important gaining the maximum learning out of North Shore classes was. In year 8 and 9 I had Mr Ho as my maths and science teacher. I would like sincerely to thank him for he was a selfless, passionate teacher who went the extra mile his classes. As I’m sure some of you know, he sets up a microphone system just so students at the back of the class can hear him. He set an amazing foundation for me in these subjects which really helped me in upper school. I remember Mr Ho teaching me simultaneous equations with two variables in year 9 mathematics. This came up again in year 12 specialist maths, but with 3 variables. North Shore wasn’t only preparing me for year 9, but for year 12, which is the year that mattered the most.

Teachers are very important in our paths throughout school. As are our parents. Without them feeding us, driving us around to tuitions and constantly supporting us, we wouldn’t have the energy, or motivation to study.

I sat my final WACE exams last November. This is the time you show all the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the past few years in school. As I said before, I have spent many years at North Shore. All those years undoubtedly paid off, helping me finish off my final exams with a perfect score of 99.95.

I believe the key to success is balance. Maintaining a balanced life, particularly in the stressful times of Year 12 will help you perform to the best you can. It’s not necessarily about studying longer, but studying smarter. Everyone studies differently, and putting the effort in to find the ideal way that works for you early on will help you in the future. By studying smarter, you’ll study more efficiently. This will stop you pulling all nighters and cramming, and leave more time to do things you enjoy. Spending time with friends, playing sport or even just watching TV. This will help you manage your stress levels, enabling you to perform to the best of your ability and maximise your chances of success.

I would finally like to thank the principals of the North Shore centres, particularly my principal, Julianna, as they are the ones keeping this amazing tuition program alive. I wish you all the best in your future studies and I hope that you enjoy your North Shore experience as much as I have and make the most out of it.

Thank you.”

Jasmine Willoughby (Scholarship & GATE Winner) Scholarship / Gifted and Talented Winner –  Jasmine Willoughby

“Good evening ladies, gentlemen, staff and students. My name is Jasmine Willoughby and I currently attend Perth Modern College in Year 7. I started attending North Shore in Year 3 at Morley Centre.  I was really nervous on my first day and could not believe how smart everyone else was.  That was when I realised if I wanted to reach my full potential, I’d have to study hard.  Ever since I started at North Shore, I have learnt to juggle my normal school homework and NorthShore homework. In the end, it all paid off.

NorthShore helped me prepare for high school placement tests.  I sat two tests: the GATE test and the St Mary’s Anglican Girls School Scholarship test.  I was offered a 50% scholarship at St Mary’s Anglican Girls School, and a place at Perth Modern College.  I accepted the offer at Perth Modern College because my brother is there as well.  Those achievements allowed me to receive the Dux award at my primary school.  I also received the position of head girl of my primary school.

During my time at NorthShore, there have been ups and downs.  A memorable moment was the time another girl and I were quite far from all the classrooms, and did not realise the bell for the end of break must have gone until half an hour later.  Or that time when I received my first trophy at the end of term.  Those are some of the things I still remember. Leading up to the GATE test, I attended several holiday programs.  The first time I attended the NorthShore holiday program, I was shocked that we had to complete our homework that night and hand it in the next day.

Though NorthShore can be difficult at times, it prepares you for the future.  Some of the things I learnt at NorthShore, my primary school didn’t teach me until two years later! NorthShore has helped me so much.  I appreciate that my parents enrolled me at NorthShore, and I would like to thank all my NorthShore teachers.  Anyone who has chosen to enrol at NorthShore has made the right choice.

Good luck to everyone for the future.”

 Joshua Soon (Scholarship & GATE Winner) Scholarship / Gifted and Talented Winner – Joshua Soon

“Good evening distinguished guests, parents,students, teachers and Principal Ng. It is an honour and privilege to be standing here to deliver my speech tonight. Before I move on, my name is Joshua Soon and I am currently in Year 7 at Perth Modern School, and started North Shore in Year 2. Since then, North Shore has been a big part of my life. Coming here every Sunday, I have made many new friends and have learnt new things every week.

Tonight, we are celebrating all your achievements. It is a time of celebrations. Many of you have made it here tonight through persevering and hard work, motivation from North Shore teachers and through your love of learning. Without North Shore, I would never have been able to receive Scholarship Offers from Trinity College, Rossmoyne Senior High School Maths Specialist Program, a GATE scholarship place at Perth Modern and the Dux award at my primary school.

In my family, I was not the only one attended North Shore. My elder sister attended North Shore while she was in Year 2. Due to the academic enrichment and extension at North Shore, she was successful at obtaining scholarships to Penrhos College as well as Perth College. She is currently in Year 12 at Perth College.

Attending North Shore has helped me fulfil my dreams, from the satisfaction of collecting colourful certificates and trading them in for trophies, to receiving merit awards and scholarships. North Shore is definitely the best place for excellent tuition and investment for great education. The teachers at North Shore are passionate and dedicated, motivating and hard-working. These qualities have helped us strive to be the best in all areas. To all the students here tonight, I congratulate you on your achievements, no matter how big or small they are. Let us not forget our parents for their support and encouragement.

Thank you for listening, and I wish all the best for your future endeavours. Thanks once again NORTH SHORE.”

 Shreya Salunkhay (Scholarship & GATE Winner) Scholarship / Gifted and Talented Winner – Shreya Salunkhay

“Good evening parents, teachers and students. My name is Shreya, and I am one of the students that passed GATE to be accepted into Perth Modern as a year 7 in 2017.

I went to NorthShore for two and a half years, and I must say, it was a fantastic journey. Initially I was resentful to go to ‘sunday’ school, but right from the first lesson, I knew that I wanted to keep going. The teachers are all very helpful in their way of teaching and how they somehow made everything much more enjoyable. There was always plenty of interaction, participation and laughter from everyone in the classroom. I made plenty of friends through the years, and now some of them are with me at Perth Modern.

The syllabus given to us was difficult, but doable. Learning and understanding new concepts was always a challenge, but with all the various techniques that the teachers showed us, it was much easier. The practice tests for GATE were very helpful in learning how to manage time and so were the tricks we learned to get to the answer accurately and quickly.  The five day holiday program was also beneficial for me, with all the homework that came with it and the various exam techniques that I learned.

I remember when I started north shore, I struggled with completing my homework on time. But gradually I started managing my time better, and organizing my schedule so I did a little every day. These skills are now proving to be unbelievably helpful in high school, where multiple subjects require homework to be handed in on the same day.

Considering all the amazing factors about North Shore, I guess it’s not surprising that not only was I successful in GATE and got into Perth Modern, but I also received private school scholarships. I was offered a 100% scholarship to St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and a 40% scholarship to All Saints College.

North Shore has been a worthwhile journey and I recommend it to every student. The teachers, the work and the students all make up a highly advantageous environment, where you learn something new all the time. It will help you academically, teaching concepts before school does and will also teach helpful exam and organization skills.

So, thank you north shore for helping me learn and becoming successful. Congratulations all the other prize winners and thank you for listening to my speech.”

 Varna Shetty (Scholarship & GATE Winner) Scholarship / Gifted and Talented Winner – Varna Shetty

“Wake up! Wake up! You have North Shore,” whispered mum as she ripped the blankets off my body exposing my bare legs to the cold air that filled my bedroom.

“Mum I feel really sick,” I groaned holding my tummy trying my hardest to make my voice sound as realistic as possible.

“Nice try but if you’re not in the kitchen in ten minutes you’ll have to eat breakfast in the car,” she warned leaving the room.

That was my usual routine every Sunday morning. When my parents first forced me to go to North Shore my whole mood instantly changed just thinking of extra schooling that was much harder than normal school, and on top of that I got HOMEWORK! The fact that I came home with Ds on my work certainly didn’t help. But after a few weeks that went to a C, the to a B and then at the end of term a big red A was written at the top of my booklet! Huh, this tutoring work must really be working I thought to myself as I slipped the booklet into my bag, waiting to share the great news with my family.

North Shore has helped me so much and I would’ve never gotten accepted in to Perth Modern and gotten a scholarship to St Hilda’s without it’s help. I was extremely lucky to get great teachers that clearly explained each new technique or formula, after their class, I could go home and proudly explain the new concept I had learnt that day. North Shore definitely was the one of the main reasons I got a scholarship, but another person that helped me a lot with getting a scholarship was my sister.  Northshore helped her to get  into Perth Modern and got a scholarship to St Hilda’s so she knew exactly how to prepare. This process involved a lot of tears, screaming, groaning and fighting, but surprisingly it worked. Over the holidays, I was on a relaxing trip to India visiting my relatives, but because I was missing out on the holiday program at North Shore, my sister created her own one. Trust me, this was MUCH harder than north Shore’s. It was like she wanted me to suffer as much as I could! That was one great way to ruin a holiday.

North Shore taught me many things, from different concepts in maths to useful life lessons. It taught me that in life you can’t just achieve your goals and instantly get anything you want, you need to put in lots of hard work and dedication, then one day you will succeed. It also taught me that you can’t immediately be amazing at something new you’ve just tried or started, but over time, if you keep on practicing and continue giving it your best shot you’ll slowly get better.

North Shore has given me so many great opportunities and has taught me so much, without it I would never be where I am today.”

Success in 2016

Qiang Li - 99.95 ATAR Winner 99.95 ATAR High Achiever – Qiang Li

“Good evening teachers, students, parents. I hope you’re well. My name’s Qiang Li. I’m doing assured-entry medicine through BPhil majoring in Neuroscience and business law. I had the privilege of being a North Shore student. It’s an honour to be here. I’d like to start by congratulating all teachers, family members and students on an outstanding year. I’d also like to thank North Shore and its staff. In particular, I want to sincerely thank Mr Shakeel Mowlaboccus for being a selfless, passionate and whole-hearted teacher. I’m very grateful to have been your student for three really important years. North Shore wouldn’t be the same without you.

I believe North Shore’s reputation as an academic institution is heavily dependant on its abundance of excellent teachers who drive students to work hard and embrace all opportunities for academic excellence. Everything North Shore touches turns to gold and I think this is testament to the thorough approach of its teachers who guide students to success and give them a chance to achieve the outstanding results they’re capable of. This is reflected in your achievements. I speak for myself when I say that my ATAR of 99.95 and awarding of a Winthrop Scholarship would’ve been impossible without North Shore and without an inspiring teacher like Shaxx.

Now, when I was asked to speak, I did a little maths. I calculated that each and every single year you accumulate 1,200 hours of schooling. 1,400 if you factor in 5 hours of North Shore 40 weeks a year; meaning by the end of Year 12, you will have accumulated 16,800 h’s. So at this early stage of your life, without even realising it perhaps, you’ve already made one of the biggest and potentially best investments you’ll ever make. As Benjamin Franklin said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” And you’ve made this investment with THE most precious resource: TIME. Imagine what each of us can achieve if we put 16,800 h’s to good use.

So how does a student succeed? Good question. My opinion? By Studying With Consistent Effort. Not very exciting. But I reckon it’s the only method that consistently produces good results. So, what does it mean? It means going through what you learn at the end of every day; getting on top of assignments; setting time aside to study during weekends and holidays. By tackling assignments and exam revision promptly, you avoid all nighters and cramming. I’m aware I haven’t said anything you don’t know, but that’s because there’s no formula; no shortcuts to learning.

But studying harder doesn’t mean studying longer. It’s about studying smarter; making the most of the wisdom and knowledge of teachers; tackling weaknesses; managing time well. If you study with consistent effort, you will find balance—meaning there will still be time to enjoy sports, music and more. You’ll also find more pleasure in acquiring knowledge. We all want good results, but studying should also be about learning for the sake of learning. Regrettably, we are often too stressed with deadlines to notice how satisfying learning can be.

We live in a beautiful and peaceful part of a planet that is not all beautiful and peaceful. Here the sea is always blue, and the sun always shines. So it’s easy to forget that the opportunity to pursue knowledge is a privilege and not a birthright. Let us never forget how lucky we are to have Mums n Dads who love and support us and work everyday to provide us with the lives we have.

Let us never forget how grateful we should be to our teachers who go above and beyond their call of duty to do their very best by us. All this should motivate us to reach our potential and make the most of our lives. These are some of our best years. Seize the day. Use your time wisely. Never waste it. Because we all know what Time is like: it has the strictest no refund policy. Thank you and good luck. ”

Lynden Law Top 1% ATAR High Achiever –  Lynden Law

Good evening parents, staff and students. My name is Lynden Law, and I would firstly like to congratulate all the students in front of me for their fantastic achievements earnt through their outstanding efforts. Tonight, I will reveal the secrets in my personal survival guide for highschool, without which, I am sure I could not have made it out in one piece. If you follow these rules, then I am sure you will succeed! 98 and ¾% guaranteed! My principles follow 3 C’s: Courage, Care, and Cool. I would have preferred to name them under 3 A’s if possible, but it wouldn’t really work out, but I swear you won’t achieve 3 C’s if you follow these steps. Firstly, Courage. Courage comes in many different forms, and of course, I’m not asking you to have the courage to go wrestle a bear in a pitch black forest. However, you need courage to set high goals for yourself and want to achieve them. Furthermore, just to raise your hand during class to answer a question despite being unsure of yourself, or to ask a question takes a lot more courage than one would think. Personally, I used to have a really tall math teacher for north shore who scared me to death, and thus I would never approach him to ask questions. As a result, my marks were falling and when handing back one particularly appalling test, he walked up to me and I was shivering in my shoes. He proceeded to tell me how disappointed he was in me, however not for the poor test score. He was disappointed that I had not asked him more questions during class, despite not having a clear idea on how to do the topic. Therefore,I made a resolution, I decided I would bug him with a question at least once ever lesson, and although, I think he got a bit sick of me, my marks improved drastically. Thus you should always have the courage to ask questions, no matter how scary your teacher is, as, to use a simile, they are like a coconut, because no matter how hard they are on the outside, in reality are soft and sweet on the inside. Secondly, Care. Take care in everything you do, because for the majority of school you won’t have a second chance to have a go at it. Prepare as much as you can for everything, even if it’s a little quiz during class. Work efficiently, but take enough time to show all your working clearly and concisely, as it will be easier to double-check and your marker will sub-consciously mark you as a good student, thus marking easier. When double-checking, don’t simply read over it, do the question itself again,otherwise you won’t recognise half of your mistakes. If you take care when doing something, you ensure you won’t have any regrets when you have finished that task. Thirdly,Cool. This is very important. And I’m not referring to wearing swaggy clothing or having a frullet, I’m talking about stress-levels. A little bit of nervousness is good before exams, as you can channel it into adrenaline and thus can perform better, however large amounts of stress will only work against you. Therefore,working in small amounts over a large period of time rather than cramming, and having activities that you can use to de-stress is very important. Personally, whenever the Northshore exams were coming up, I always had a daily ritual where I pulled out my violin and vented all my emotions onto it and thus could approach the exam with a clear mind. Well, there it is, my personal highschool 10 commandments, although they got shortened to 3. I would like to extend my thanks to North Shore for allowing me to speak tonight, as they have played a large part in my, and I am sure many of those in the audience’s, academic success. To all the students here tonight, good luck in all your future endeavours, and if there’s one thing I want you to remember from my speech is,no matter how painfully long maths tests may seem, school itself passes by in a flash and is over before you know it, so enjoy it! Thank you for listening.”

Meghana Maganti - Scholarship Gifted & Talented Winner (1) Scholarship/ Gifted and Talented Winner – Meghana Maganti

“Good Evening teachers, parents and my fellow students, my name is Meghana Maganti and I’m currently in grade 7 at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. I first started North Shore in grade 4 and I hated the idea of having to waste my Saturday afternoon to do even more unnecessary work, but when I had my first class it was a blast. North Shore has helped me to learn all the concepts in all my subjects. Every lesson I took there was something new to learn, something that was challenging that I just had to master.

The teachers were extremely supportive and helpful and they explained what we had to do in the best way possible. Without North Shore and what I once though was ‘unnecessary work’ I wouldn’t have gotten the scholarship to St Hilda’s or gotten an entrance to the specialist program in Shenton or gotten the grades I get and above all, it increases the self confidence that if you try hard enough you can achieve your goals. With the help of the north shore teachers and the resolve for self-improvement, I gradually improved, getting to where I am today. North shore Methodology helps students study independently from an early stage and develop both a high level of academic ability and the ability to learn independently.

And these of course, are the people who really need thanks. I might have done well at my job, but this recognition from north shore today and the scholarship, which I very much appreciate, comes at the cost of lot of other people’s work. I sincerely want to thank my parents for letting me go to North Shore and for helping me if I ever got stuck on my homework, my grandparents  for helping me at home, all the North Shore teachers Principal and last but not the least the receptionist who sends the reminder  text message to re-enrol every term.

To the students sitting in front of me today and all the students that go to North Shore, I want to congratulate you for all your achievements no matter how small and a word of advice ‘Being bad at something is the first step to being good at something so you can improve’. Thank you and I wish you the best for the future.”

Stephanie Tsang  Scholarship/ Gifted and Talented Winner – Stephanie Tsang

“Good evening parents, staff, teachers and students. My name is Stephanie Tsang and I am currently in Year 7 at PerthModernSchool. I started in Year 4 in the last term at the Rossmoyne Centre. It has helped me so much. If I hadn’t done NorthShore, I may never have received academic scholarships to St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, St Hilda’s AnglicanSchool for Girls and gained admittance to PerthModernSchool through GATE.

The weekly mock tests leading up to the GATE exam made me both fast and accurate. North Shore was a challenge and I kept finding myself finishing the booklets late on Saturday night, however, I knew that in the future, it will be beneficial for me. North Shore has helped me write using different techniques and write essays that relate to the title. I also learnt a lot of new vocabulary, both how you write the words as well as their meanings. Mathematics has been and still is one of my favourite subjects, and I enjoy challenging myself with the problem solving questions.

I would definitely recommend NorthShore to both primary and high school students. NorthShore has helped me to organise both my school homework and the booklets that I get at NorthShore. This organisation skill will definitely be useful to me in my later studies as well as in my life generally. I would like to thank my parents for always supporting me and helping me in my homework if I didn’t understand something.  I would also like to thank the whole NorthShore team for helping me and all these other NorthShore students sitting in front of me, achieve great results. Thank you for listening.”

Amy Do - Scholarship Gifted & Talented Winner Scholarship/ Gifted and Talented Winner – Amy Do

“Good evening proud parents, guests, teachers and students My name is Amy Do. I am currently in Year 7 and attending Shenton College. I would first off like to say that I would have never received a GATE placement into Shenton College without the help and support of North Shore Coaching College. I appreciate how much the program and teachers have helped me achieve. I began taking North Shore classes in Morley Centre in 2011 when I was in Year 2, and have been taking them ever since. North Shore has always been teaching me at least a year above what I would learn at school, and that really helped me to become one of the top students in my class, eventually taking me to where I am today. Without North Shore, I would not be standing here, presenting a speech to over 300 people and receiving an award. It is amazing how all these Sundays have given me the privilege to go to a high achieving school.

At the beginning, I have to admit, I hated waking up on an early Sunday morning to go to North Shore only to be amazed that my school report was filled with more A grades than I expected, and I couldn’t help but think North Shore had something to do with it. I was terrible at creative writing, and North Shore really helped me to improve, leading to my selection into the Talented Young Writers Program in Year 6.

I would like to thank all the North Shore Morley Centre’s teachers and staff who helped me receive high results in my school, NAPLAN and of course, the GATE examinations. I am looking forward to continuing my studies with North Shore throughout my high school years. Thank you.”

Success in 2015

Andy Wang 99.95 ATAR High Achiever – Andy Wang

Good evening staff, students and parents. My name is Andy Wang. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of the talented students sitting here in front of me today. Your academic achievements thus far truly reflect your hardwork and dedication over these past few years. Surely your success here can be partially attributed to this very school that has helped you prepare for all those scholarship tests and entrance exams: North Shore. I first started North Shore in Year 3, all the way in 2005. Putting aside the heated argument I had with my parents about attending, I would have never imagined back then just how much North Shore has changed my life. I would have never imagined that I’d make so many friends, life-long companions whom I still talk with to this very day. I would have never imagined that I’d achieve a perfect ATAR of 99.95 and earn certificates of distinction in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English. North Shore is an excellent school because the teachers are top-quality, the course material is well-structured and the atmosphere is friendly. I strongly believe that this school naturally provides motivation to study, which in turn will play a major role in your future academic success. These students in front of me have demonstrated persistence and diligence, two important qualities I believe were nurtured at North Shore. However, there are obviously times when these qualities under jeopardy. Especially when it comes to a major assessment, don’t think, ‘Oh, that guy’s smarter than me, there’s no point in studying’ or ‘I only need 60% to pass’. This will only end up backfiring on you. Instead, think this: we are often told that there will always be someone better than us, smarter than us. Not to sound rude, but this also means there will always be someone worse than us. You can use this as a way to simply remove some pressure off you, but never use this as an excuse to stop trying- just remember; the more effort you put into your studies, the higher your marks will be, and naturally your grades compared to others in your class will steadily rise. Who knows, you may even top your class in a few subjects one day. My main message to the students here is that motivation is the key to success, and no matter how pointless your hard work may seem to be, just keep looking forward, and in the end all those hours of study you put in will definitely pay off. Remember, life is never easy, and that’s a part of the reason why your parents have enrolled you in North Shore. As a final word to the high achievers here today, I hope you embrace the opportunities North Shore has provided for you, and best of luck for your future academic success. “

Daniel Thai Top 1% ATAR High Achiever- Daniel Thai

Good evening everybody, and welcome to another speech so that we may delay these brilliant achievers from receiving their trophies for as long as possible. My name is Daniel Thai, and I graduated from North Shore last year, sorry, I mean Perth Modern School last year – though it may as well be from North Shore, as it has been quite the companion over the past twelve years of my life. Without it, I would not be standing here, sharing with you a few pieces of advice for the journey you’re about to embark upon.

Firstly, primary school taught you how to colour within the lines. In high school, the lines aren’t even given to you. Consequently, things can get messy, and that’s why you have to draw your own guidelines. You could do this with the help of others. Look around you – parents, family, teachers, North Shore, friends, calculators, Google – look at the people sitting next to you, each is an ally in your journey. You’re given all this support, so use it to guide you. Google won’t Google itself. More importantly, you’ve got to draw the lines yourself. Know what you want, and strive for it – be determined and persevere. You’ve got the whole canvas to yourself – it’s up to you what you want to draw on it.

Secondly, life is undoubtedly a struggle. But it’s not about how well you can avoid struggles – it’s about how well you can face them. Sometimes, you’ll be knocked down, but you know what they say, “What goes down can come back up”. You’ll need the drive to aim high, and keep aiming high. Dream amongst the stars, so that when you fall, you’ll land on the clouds.

Thirdly, my previous two points may not apply to you. It could be that you’ll spend the next five years questioning the meaning of life rather than reaching for your goal in life. And after those five years, you still probably haven’t figured its meaning out. Your canvas might still be blank, and instead of dreaming amongst the stars, you realise that it was just your head that was in the stars. But even so, you’ll be standing there at the end of the path with everything you worked for. So even if you have no idea what’s going on or where you’re going, just do your best – because everything counts.

So, what do these have in common? It’s that you make your own journey. You did well getting here, but if you want to keep doing well, you’ve got to put in the effort, the drive, and the determination to do so. You’ve cleared the tutorial, it’s time to start playing the game.

And if the rest was old news to you, then one last thing – enjoy these coming years, because if you don’t… who will?”

Caroline Tsang Scholarship Winner– Caroline Tsang

“Good evening parents, staff, teachers and students. My name is Caroline Tsang and I am currently in Year 7 which is my first year at Perth Modern School. I started North Shore in Year 5 in the July holiday program. My friends had talked about North Shore at school, but I was not sure what my first experience would be like. Surprisingly, I ended up enjoying the holiday program and made many new friends during the 5 days. I told my parents that I would like to start taking regular North Shore classes, and I did at the Rossmoyne Centre. North Shore has helped me become successful in GATE and scholarship exams. I received offers for private school scholarships from St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, All Saints College and Penrhos College. Regarding government schools, I received a place in the Rossmoyne Senior High School Maths Specialist Program and also a GATE scholarship to go to Perth Modern School which I accepted. I was also a winner of the WA ICAS Medal in Maths last year. These achievements allowed me to get the Dux Award at my primary school. North Shore has definitely helped me practise my exam technique. The weekly short tests and mock exams leading to the GATE exam were invaluable in helping me get used to the exam questions. North Shore was challenging and I found myself staying up late every week completing my North Shore homework, but I never gave up because I knew that it would be of great benefit to me in the end. In fact, North Shore has given me better time management and organisation skills which are really useful now that I’m in high school. I strongly recommend North Shore for students in both primary and high school as it is beneficial for your future. Not only will it help you academically, but it will help you deal with the increasing workload you get as you move on to your future years of school. Thank you mum and dad for enrolling me into North Shore! Congratulations to all prize winners and thank you for listening to my speech.”

Goly Tarom Scholarship Winner– Goly Tarom

“Good evening parents, teachers and fellow students! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and that you have had a marvellous day! Before I begin let me introduce myself. My name is Goly Tarom and the reason I’m here today is because I’ve gotten a scholarship at Penrhos College. You can think of me as your average twelve year old student, who’s got dreams and hopes for the future. From just collecting those colourful certificates to preparing for an interview. I truly believe that encouragement and motivation is the key to success. If the only thing you believe in is hard work, you’re only trying to beat your natural abilities. Hard work’s important but remember to let your natural abilities shine as well. Anyways, I would like to thank the entire North Shore team for their kind and generous help for teaching me through the times I have been there! For encouraging me to do my best and in achieving my lifetime goals! They’ve also taught me to just keep digging and if there’s an obstacle in front of me, just dig around it, no matter how long it takes! I feel that every second in those classes you’re learning something new. It sometimes shows you how much there is still for you to learn out there in the wild. You would normally think that it’s not the best place to spend your weekends… but when you think of the results, it is the best place to be. It’s all thanks to the friendly staff at North Shore that we are here tonight celebrating all the scholarship won by you fellow students! Congratulations to all you wonderful people here tonight! Being here tonight brings back so many memories. I remember the first day that I came to North Shore… I was in year four and I was trembling in fear. I slowly walked in and sat next to a girl and we were friends on that very day, it was also for that wonderful teacher, who gave me a warm smile and welcomed me in! After that it just got better, I made new friends, improved in my school work and it was a fresh new start for me the day I stepped into that classroom! I sincerely thank my parents for allowing all this to happen. For helping me when I was stuck. Your encouragement is one of the bases that make up my life. Thank you for showing me the way when I needed it the best! When I heard that I was invited to an interview I was about to jump over the moon. Although I was worried because the interview was on that Friday…I was panicking! So when North Shore gave me some hints and tips I was so relieved… and as you’ve probably heard, confident speakers achieve great things! That’s exactly what I did! It has been a pleasure to present my speech to all you honourable guests and I hope you will enjoy the rest of the evening. So thankyou North Shore for helping me achieve my lifetime goals and I’m sure that you will do the same for those other children who have hopes and dreams for the future!”

Sarah Duong Gifted and Talented Winner – Sarah Duong

Good evening teachers, staff, parents and fellow students. My name is Sarah Duong. I am honored and privileged to be invited to deliver this speech tonight. This special event gives me great pleasure to extend my sincere thanks to my parents, teachers and staff at North Shore, who are always supportive, encouraging and caring. They constantly help me to achieve my goal to be an academic student. I started North Shore when I was in pre-primary as a shy and timid 5 years old girl. For the first few years I complained almost every Sunday morning because I knew that half of my Sunday would be spent doing North Shore work. But now, I wake up every Sunday morning with a big smile on my face, knowing that I will learn something new. Without North Shore I wouldn’t have won a Perth College Academic Scholarship and two other Gifted and Talented Placement Awards. I am delighted that my parents have accepted a Perth College Academic Scholarship and I am currently studying year 7 there. I am proud to say that I have always obtained a high score for my school assessment projects and tests. I have also received many Merit Awards throughout my primary school years. If I was to give up going to North Shore I wouldn’t be achieving my goals today. Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to my parents for sending me to this excellent tuition, NORTH SHORE. I wish North shore team the very best in continuing to providing excellent education to help students achieve their goals. Thank you for listening. “

Success in 2014

Dan Hoang NS 2014 99.95 ATAR High Achiever – Dan Hoang

“Good evening parents, teachers and students. First of all, a huge congratulations to the students in front of me today. What you all have achieved is a true testament to your own dedication and hard work, as well as your decision (or perhaps your parents’ decision) for you to attend North Shore, which has no doubt helped you achieve what you have today. Dedication, persistence and hard work, which even geniuses like these students before me rely on to achieve their best, were all nurtured and encouraged at this great school.As you embark on your journey through high school, there will be countless times where those three values you’ve learned to nurture so well, will come under crisis; maybe you’ll think “I don’t need to try hard, I only need an 80 atar to go to UWA” or “this kid next to me is so smart, there’s no way I can be as good as him”, which of course, will prevent you from achieving your wildest dreams. So, here’s a one of my favourite poems by Sara Teasdale, which will hopefully help you tackle these hard times.


“The Dreams of My Heart”,

The dreams of my heart and my mind pass,

Nothing stays with me long,

But I have had from a child

The deep solace of song;

If that should ever leave me,

Let me find death and stay

With things whose tunes are played out and forgotten

Like the rain of yesterday.

The relevance of this poem being to you: no matter how pointless you believe your hard work may be, how difficult it is, just accept it, and do it. All the best for the future and just keep on digging.”

Joy Er (2) Top 1% ATAR High Achiever – Joy Er

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.I remember in my first NorthShore class in Term 2 Year 9, I was completely overwhelmed by the content. It was the first time I have ever heard of the terms mitosis and meiosis, the first time I have ever encountered geometric proofs and the first time I have ever seen so many unfamiliar words in an English passage. Everyone else seemed to have an idea of what the teacher was talking about, completely clueless. When the teacher asked me how to prove the parallelogram, I said “I don’t know.”Fast forward a little bit more, a couple years later, here I am today delivering this speech for NorthShore. My name is Joy and I am currently studying at a Bachelor of Science at UWA with an assured pathway to dentistry. Never did I think that this would be me.The teachers from NorthShore are always nice, friendly and helpful. I would especially like to thank Shaxx, my chemistry teacher in Year 12. Despite me constantly bombarding him with questions, he was always happy to answer them. I have also made so many friends and connections throughout the years in NorthShore, some who I am still good friends with till this day and some who have shaped the person I am today…There are still many years of learning for us to come and it is important to keep persevering through the hard work. Know what you want and get motivated to reach your own highest potential. I wish everyone all the best in the future.”

Ishita Kanodia (4)  Scholarship Winner – Ishita Honey Kanodia

“Good evening honorable parents, guests, teachers, fellow students and principal. My name is Honey Kanodia. I am currently in Year 6 and have been in North Shore Lynwood Centre since I was in Year 4. Right from day one, I have found North Shore to be extremely helpful and supportive in my studies. Before I came to Perth, I lived in a small country town where there were only 2000 people, and only one school with 200 kids. Now, I go to a school with 1250 kids and in the beginning I felt out of place. However, when I started In North Shore, the classes were small and teachers were supportive, giving me time to adjust to my surroundings and making it easier for the teacher to help me. Without North Shore, I would never have received scholarships from two private schools, including St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, and St Mary’s Anglican School for Girls. I have also been given two placements in Public Schools including Rossmoyne Senior High School and Perth Modern School. I am so proud to say that I have chosen Perth Modern School… I would like to thank the entire North Shore team, and thank a teacher in particular, Ms Jesslyn Lee at Lynwood Centre for helping me when I first came to North Shore. I would also like to thank all the other North Shore Lynwood teachers who have not only helped me but have helped every other student with their patience and care. I hope to go a long way in the future, thanks North Shore!”

Abigail Wang (5)  Gifted and Talented Winner – Abigail Wang

Good evening parents, staff, students and teachers. My name is Abigail Wang and I just want to start off by saying how much I appreciate the help and support coming from NorthShore and without the program I never would’ve been able to achieve what I have now. I began taking NorthShore classes in 2010, when I was in year three and I loved attending the lessons. My parents didn’t force me to start NorthShore classes, and I distinctly remember that after the fist class had finished, dad sat me down on a bench. He looked me in the eye and asked if I d like to continue spending Sundays on tuition, and based on my one-day experience, I responded “yes”, because the program offered such a great base of support, and I made a lot of friends that were on the same thinking level. I’m not going to lie-Northshore is definitely a tough experience. The worksheets are noticeably ahead of what I am being given at school, and I hate giving up sleep. However, it is all extremely worth it and all those Sundays have given me a place in RossmoyneSenior High School through the GATE exam, and a great academical scoring at school. Northshore always covers big academic events, and especially the nice little testings the department of education has set up for students, such as NAPLAN, WAMSE, GATE, and also the weekly class maths test… It is a great feeling to know that you have already covered a new subject at school, and putting in the hard work first guarantees a more relaxed future. Most people who take tuition drop out after a really big exam but I want to continue my classes until the end of high school as I really believe that Northshore has changed me for the better, and that it will greatly benefit anyone who is willing to put in the effort to become a high achiever. Thank you.”

Success in 2013

1Northshore-6241 99.95 ATAR High Achiever – Andy Truong

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Andy Truong and I first started Northshore 10 years ago in 2003. At this time I was in year 3 at my ordinary school, but after undertaking the Northshore placement test I was put in year 2 and I was greatly disappointed with myself. At this point I had set my sights on catching up with my peers and a term later I was put back up to my original year group… Ten years on from the day I was put down a grade, I graduated with a perfect ATAR of 99.95, with Certificates of Distinction in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and a top 10 General Exhibition placing in the state. I strongly believe that motivation is the key to success, hard work will beat natural ability any day of the week and that’s my message to the students here today. You need to know what you want so that you will have the drive to go get it. There’s a saying I use when I teach difficult concepts to my own students now, and that’s “nothing worth doing is easy” and that’s why your parents have put you at Northshore… Northshore has been a big part of my life; from pushing me ahead in school to the many friends I’ve made over my time here. To the students here today, you determine the experience you have here, and I truly hope you make the most of it.”

Cropped Speaker 04  Top 1% High ATAR Achiever– Cheryl Fu

Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and fellow students. My name is Cheryl Fu and it is a pleasure to be here today. Being here brings back many memories. Five years ago, I too sat in the halls of this building, and listened to the speech of a fellow Northshore student who had achieved wonderful results in his TEE examination. TEE has since been changed into WACE, and now, it seems to be my turn to stand on the stage. Thinking back, I have amassed 6 years of wonderful memories attending Northshore with fellow friends. I remember these years fondly, from learning maths from Mr Skivinis in year 6, all the way to studying chemistry and specialist maths in my final year of high school with Mr Shaks, and Mr Brown…I would like to take this opportunity to thank Northshore, and all of the teachers for providing me and my peers with an opportunity to achieve our very best. Because I know that without the guidance from all my tutors, I would not have been able to obtain these WACE results. I believe Northshore has taught me a lot more than simply how to study, and achieve high marks. I have also made numerous close friends here. They too, have achieved great results, and are now doing courses such as pharmacology and engineering at UWA. So, here, I turn to the current students studying at Northshore. I congratulate you for your achievements, and wish you the very best for your future. Thank you.”

Cropped Student Speaker 01  Scholarship / G&T Winner – Julian Kam

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Julian Kam. This year, I was a recipient of the prestigious awards for entry into WesleyCollege, ChristChurchGrammar School, and PerthModernSchool. I had learnt so much, just in a short space of time, and the teachers in NorthShore were very kind and knowledgeable. I had discovered an environment in which I could extend myself, and made friends who I knew could help me too. I was happy, and I strived under the program and exceeded the expectations of my family. I loved that NorthShore work was a challenge, and it surely strained the brain of me and my fellow classmates. It created a strong sense of teamwork, as we worked together to solve problems, and gave us a sense of satisfaction when we found the solution. It also encouraged me to work for what I wanted. I collected and collected all those colourful Good Student certificates, to earn my own trophy. It was small achievement, but it felt like a milestone of hard work for me. Everybody had their own dream, and it could be achieved by the help of NorthShore. Thank you mum and dad, for allowing all this to happen! You were supportive and able to back me up and encourage me when I needed it best. Thanks sister, for leading the way. Without your guidance, I would be a lost sheep looking for guidance in life. Finally, thank you to North Shore Lynwood Centre for the chance to be where I am now. Thank you.”

Cropped Student Speaker 03  Gifted & Talented Winner – Shaun Doss

Good evening honorable guests, teachers, parents and fellow classmates. My name is Shaun Doss and I am a student at Northshore WACE/TEE Success College. I was in the early stages of primary school when my parents enrolled me into Northshore. During that time and up to today, I have molded with the Northshore routine of doing my work to the best of my ability, and getting awarded for it by getting certificates, medals, trophies or just the recognition I thought I deserved. Northshore provided me with many opportunities for healthy competition with my peers and the motivation to do better. Teachers at Northshore are always willing to help and guide us. With their help and guidance I have been able to receive a Gifted and Talented Scholarship, Distinction in ICAS Math, English and Writing and in the General ability, English and Math’s test (also known as the GEM test). Northshore boosted my confidence academically. Therefore I have a positive attitude towards achieving a high standard in everything I do. I am now in grade seven and coming to the end of primary school. My friends at school, who are not at Northshore, will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work given at high school, but I believe that the advanced preparation given at Northshore will make the rest of my schooling a walk in the park. I would now like to thank Northshore and its staff for giving me opportunities and experiences I never would have known about. I am also extremely grateful to all my teachers at Northshore, for making my time a whole lot easier, and at the same time, challenging at Northshore. I would also like to thank my peers for providing a benchmark and healthy competition. And I would especially like to thank my parents for their care and support over the years. Mum, dad, I cannot thank you enough for making my future brighter by choosing Northshore TEE Success College.”

Cropped Student Speaker 02  Scholarship / G&T Winner – Shivasankaran Jayabalan

Good evening, parents, students, teachers and honoured guests. My name is Shivasankaran Jayabalan…I’m certain that without North Shore, I most certainly wouldn’t have been accepted for Rossmoyne Senior High School’s Gifted and Talented Languages Program and the Mathematics Specialist program, or been offered the prestigious Scholarships from Hale School and St Andrew’s Grammar School. NorthShore’s high standard weekly tests on English and Mathematics really challenged me and inspired me to obtain better results on my Gifted and Talented and Scholarship entrance tests. NorthShore’s classes have less people than an average school class. This means that you have more teacher attention than a typical class. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Rossmoyne Northshore Principal Mrs Julianna Tse, English teacher Mr Smiroldo and Maths teacher Mr Ho. I would especially like to thank Mr Skivinis for teaching me Mathematics and Mrs Brown for teaching me English in the North Shore Accelerated Scholarship Success Program, during the holidays in 2012. This immensely helped me to achieve the results I got. Studying at Northshore also helped me to get into the full time academic extension program “Primary Academic Class” for gifted and talented children for years 6 and 7 at WattleGrovePrimary school… Even though I have already completed my high school entrance tests, I am going to continue learning at North Shore throughout my high school years: my grade six North Shore lessons turned out to be a brilliant foundation for my grade seven North Shore lessons, which I am sure will provide me with a brilliant foundation for my high school North Shore lessons. These will help me a lot in my final WACE examinations at the end of year twelve, five years from now. I strongly and undoubtedly believe that NorthShore is both a rewarding and constructive program. Not only it gives you the results you want, but it also helps you get used to the increasing workload that you obtain as you move through your schooling years. I hope that in the future, many more students like me will benefit from NorthShore programs. Thank you everyone for listening and congratulations to all other prize winners.”

Success in 2012

2012 Norris  99.95 ATAR High Achiever – Norris LanGood evening ladies and gentlemen. I first started NorthShore in year 8, as a young boy who was ready to tackle any challenges. It was one of those stages in life where you felt invincible and that nothing could stop you. Oh, how naïve I was. High school was not what I expected. The workload was much more than I thought. The school was much larger than I thought. The amount of students was a lot more than I thought. And the year 12s were a lot bigger than I thought. I’d get lost on my way to class and then I’d get lost in class with the school work. But somehow I survived; thanks to North shore. When I first joined NorthShore, I had no idea what the future held for me. I came closer and closer to year 12, and closer and closer to my final WACE exam. But after each lesson at NorthShore; I felt more prepared then I was the day before. I remember one lesson in year 9 where we were learning proofs. We haven’t learnt this at school, nor is it in the year 9 textbook. Instead, it was in the year 10 course and the year 12 course. NorthShore wasn’t only preparing me for year 9, but also preparing me for year 12, the year that mattered most. It was less than a year ago, that I sat my final exams. It was that time of the year; to gather all your skills and show off how much you know. Turns out, I knew quite a lot, thanks to NorthShore. All those years really did pay off. With their help, (not in the exam of course) I was able to finish my final set of exams and achieve a perfect 99.95 ATAR. In my years with NorthShore, I had many excellent teachers who put a lot of hard work into making sure that we received the best quality of education. There were two teachers. I would like to thank one of my year 9 teachers, Mr. Chu and my year 10 teacher, Mr. Ahmed. Not only were they an outstanding teacher, but they made each class very enjoyable. I would also like to thank the principals at each centre because, let’s face it; they are like the heart of NorthShore that keeps it alive. Finally today, I wish you all the best in your future studies and I hope that you enjoy your NorthShore experience as well as I have.”

Lyndon Dutton 2012  Scholarship Winner – Lyndon DuttonSince the day I started at NorthShore in Year 5, I have been inspired by the excellent teaching and wonderful encouragement by my teachers and staff at NorthShore. I have attended all weekend classes during a Term and Holiday Programmes. When NorthShore offered free coaching sessions before class for Year 5 students I never missed a session. I especially thank Mr Skivinis for his inspiration and his confidence in my ability when I was fortunately taught by him. I still remember how I felt when Mr Skivinis said to all of us on the first day he taught us that he would help all of us to achieve scholarship. Mr Skivinis, you don’t know how you have changed my life with your inspiration and encouragement! I would also like to thank my other teachers during the past 18 months: Ms Pala, Mrs Kasandis, Ms Stephanew, and Mr Cloney and other staff who helped me during the pre-class sessions. During the early part of this year I successfully competed in scholarship examinations at GuildfordGrammarSchool and WesleyCollege, both Schools offered me a Scholarship. It is certain that I would not have had this success if I had not attended NorthShore and received excellent teaching. It is my intention to continue my study at NorthShore in the future and hope that by doing so, further successes will be achieved.Thank you very much again and I wish NorthShore all the best in continuing its mission to provide excellent coaching to help kids achieve their dreams.”

Amitabh J  Scholarship Winner – Amitabh JeganathanGood evening, guests, parents, teachers and fellow students. I am currently in year 6 and I have been a student at NorthShore for 4 years. Without my ever so helpful parents dragging me to NorthShore through my annoying crying and whining I doubt I would have ever got a scholarship to Christchurch… When I first started NorthShore I was just like the other 16 unknown faces in my class. Throughout the years NorthShore has helped me and the other students find our own weak points and build a firm foundation to make it even better. I was really struggling with problem solving and my creative writing was atrocious but NorthShore helped me make these wobbly areas into my strong points as I got the highest in creative writing…. NorthShore regular tests prepared me with the test situations. I can put my money on it that it will help me further on till Year 12. I would to like thank the teachers … I am looking forward to continuing my studies with North Shore throughout my high school years … I would like to thank North Shore for helping me in achieving my scholarship with one of the prestigious school in Perth and like me I am sure you will provide the right tools to many students who are attending North Shore as well.”

Amruta Lakkoju 02  Scholarship Winner – Amruta Lakkoju

“Good evening, teachers, parents and students. My name is Amruta. I have been studying in North Shore Rossmoyne Centre for 5 years. NorthShore has helped so much with my scholarship to Penhros….My parents enrolled me in NorthShore back in 2007, when I was in Year 2. Soon after I joined, my parents found that I made a lot of improvement in both English and Maths. I was studying work above my school level. … This is my fifth year in NorthShore. In North Shore HAS weekly tests and mock exams. Our teachers said they would prepare us for the scholarship challenge. Today that has proven true. … When I sat for the scholarship test, it was just like one of the NorthShore tests, I was not afraid and I was not stressed.North shore … provided me with a very good foundation and I enjoyed the classes…I thank everyone who helped me along the way, the teachers, the staff at Rossmoyne Centre and my mum and dad. A special thank you to Juliana, who is helpful and has provided a comfortable and supportive environment for our studies. Thank you.”

Azmain Talukder

Scholarship Winner – Azmain Talukder

“Good evening honourable guests, teachers, fellow classmates and principal…Firstly, I would like to thank NorthShore for tutoring me from Year 4 till now. Without NorthShore, I would never have received scholarships from four private schools, including All Saints College, GuildfordGrammar School, WesleyCollege, and TrinityCollege. I am proud to say I chose TrinityCollege. It is absolutely stressful and worrying to face the scholarship exams. However, I am very lucky to have NorthShore teachers … They willingly spent their time solving whatever problems I may have. Also, they are always there to give me timely guidance. Before I came to NorthShore, I was just an average student. I would never have achieved 100% for Maths in the International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) New South Wales Test, and my four scholarship achievements without NorthShore’s years of support… I love doing experiments for Science especially if they have anything to do with Chemicals. Another reason I like it because I get to do hard English comprehension texts and challenging Maths questions. NorthShore deserves the deepest appreciation from the bottom of my heart. I would like to conclude by saying a big thank you to all the Lynwood Centre’s teachers who have taught me with their patience and care. Finally, I would like to thank my parents for allowing me to study at NorthShore. All the support my mum and dad provided me over the years was the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. Thank you mum, dad … Thank you”

Success in 2011

2011 Jacky Luu  99.95 ATAR High Achiever – Jacky LuuGood evening distinguished guests, teachers, parents and students. I’m Jacky Luu and I was a student studying with North Shore TEE / WACESuccessCollege for many years. ..before the all important WACE exams. However, I had already built up the confidence to tackle the work thanks to the advanced preparation from NorthShore. Every year, NorthShore introduced countless new topics and concepts that always placed me one step ahead of the class. In addition to this, the weekly work also aimed to consolidate upon key concepts we had previously learnt. I’m extremely appreciative of the dedication from the many teachers at NorthShore, particularly Mr Jerry Skivinis, Ms Elizabeth Jepp, Mr John Brown and Mr Shakeel Mowlaboccus. I feel privileged to be taught by such experienced teachers who were as enthusiastic to teach as I was to learn… I was certainly amazed by the many opportunities that opened up for me at the beginning of the year. After the initial shock that I had achieved the perfect ATAR of 99.95, I was offered scholarships and places to prestigious universities interstate from the Australian National University, University of New South Wales and even having the envied choice of studying medicine at either Monash University in Melbourne or staying here in the University of Western Australia. All these opportunities stemmed from the foundations provided by NorthShore not only through academic coaching, but by reinforcing a positive work attitude to strive toward achieving the best of one’s potential. …Thank you!”

2011 Nisha  Scholarship Winner – Nisha JayachitraGood Evening, My name is Nisha. I’m currently in year six and I have been a student at North Shore Rossmoyne Centre for three years. It is my strongest belief that, if for the past three years I haven’t been dragging myself to my North Shore classes I couldn’t and wouldn’t have won a scholarship at the prestigious St Mary’s Anglican Girls School. Wholeheartedly, I thank North Shore Rossmoyne Centre for this. ..I especially have to thank NorthShore for making maths interesting and for teaching me how to solve the hardest word problems. The short tests every week and the mock exams provided me with experience in examination skills, in my real exams I felt like I was just in another NorthShore class. But most of all, I thank my parents for enrolling me in North Shore Rossmoyne Centre, without their strong support and time, it would be impossible for me to get the scholarship. I also want to thank Mrs Julianna Tse for providing me with an encouraging environment to study in. I hope to continue my studies in NorthShore and hopefully many other students like me will credit from it. Thank you!

2011 Phoebe Sun  Scholarship Winner – Phoebe SunGood evening everyone… Since I was awarded with the top scholarship to St Hilda and Penhros, .. …Since I joined NorthShore in 2010, I was always challenged in both class work and homework. The notorious headache-inducing, brain-bruising tests we had to sit in Grades 5 and 6 at NorthShore made other examinations such as GATE and ACER appear so much easier to me. Creative Writing and English have always been my favourite subjects at school. However, learning more complex writing formats and extensive vocabulary at NorthShore, I became a better writer. My teachers now have to endure reading pages of my work, thankfully, all of them told me that they have enjoyed what they have read…weeks after weeks of doing NorthShore’s math homework paid off. I finally can NorthShore’s coaching helped to build a strong foundation for my future studies. I am certain that North Shore has well prepared me so that when the opportunity to sit for a scholarship arrived, I had the confidence that I would be on the top of the academic excellence.I finally can tackle many problem solving questions unaided…North Shore’s coaching helped to build a strong foundation for my future studies. I am certain that NorthShore has well prepared me so that when the opportunity to sit for a scholarship arrived, Thank you!”

2011 Sophie Fang  Scholarship Winner – Sophie FangGood evening, parents, students and teachers,… My parents enrolled me at NorthShore in Year 1, 2005. Not long after I joined, my parents and I started to notice the improvement I made in all my school subjects. Soon, I was excelling in every subject. Now I am in Year 6. I have thoroughly enjoyed every year at NorthShore. Thanks to NorthShore, I have been accepted for a music scholarship by ChurchlandsSenior High School. I have also been accepted for a music and academic scholarship from St Hilda’s AnglicanSchool for Girls and PerthCollegeAnglicanSchool for Girls. I have accepted the one from St Hilda’s that enabled me to get 85% off my school fees. I am glad to say that NorthShore has provided me with the correct knowledge I needed through practise papers, tests and exams. These really helped me to understand the format of the testing. I would especially like to thank Mr Skivinis, for teaching me Maths (my favourite subject) Mr Cuffley, for teaching me English and Mrs Rozario, for teaching me in Creative Writing this year… I will continue to learn at NorthShore through my high school years and beyond. I believe it is a worthwhile program because it gives you the results you want. Thank you!”

Success in 2010

2010 Ki Yung  99.95 TER High Achiever – Ki-Yung LaoWhen I joined North Shore 7 years ago, I had no idea I’d become the dux of my school. I had no idea I’d score in the top 1% for Physics, Chemistry and Applicable Mathematics. And I had no idea I’d be accepted to study medicine, let alone receive the coveted 99.95 TER… NorthShore makes it very clear that the time in school is best spent learning and that NorthShore is there to help you achieve your best. Many of my fellow classmates at school felt swamped and overwhelmed with by the time they got into Year 12. I wasn’t; by then I knew exactly what I was expected to do. To learn, to grasp the key concepts so that I could apply them in those daunting final exams. This not only made high school a more relaxing and enjoyable experience, but also helped me achieve results that could literally get me into any Australian undergraduate university course that I wanted. Of course, the fact that NorthShore had us studying calculus in Year 10 may have also helped. I am now in MedicalSchool at the University of Western Australia, where I often see my former NorthShore colleagues. Â Some in dentistry, some in law, some in engineering, and some in biomedicine; and they are still some of my closest friends today. I’d like to thank Mr Sappal and Mrs Fraser in particular for being two of the best teachers I’ve come across, and also Debbie, Iris and Bill for the hard work they dedicate to helping students like me succeed academically. To the students and parents sitting in the audience today, think about where you or your child could be 7 years from now; and NorthShore can help achieve those opportunities.”

2010 Mai Ngoc  Scholarship Winner – Mai Ngoc HoangGood evening parents, teachers and fellow students. My name is Mai Ngoc Hoang and I am very honoured to be here tonight. I would like to give my gratitude to some very helpful people. Firstly, I’d like to thank my parents and relatives, for supporting me during the past time. Secondly, I would like to thank NorthShore, for helping me to achieve success in my scholarship exams. I have learned so much from them. Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to get offered 3 scholarships from the schools St Hilda’s, St Mary’s and PerthCollege… I enrolled in NorthShore in year 4, 2008. Since then, my Maths, General Ability, English and Writing skills have improved dramatically and I feel much more confident in exams. NorthShore has an excellent program which helps us, students to achieve success. The work given in NorthShore is set out a similar way to most real exams, which prepares us for tests very efficiently. The subjects Creative Writing, English, Maths and General Ability are taught professionally at NorthShore, since the teachers are magnificent and love the subjects they are teaching. NorthShore gives students the opportunity to really test their skills and knowledge and help to improve in them. NorthShore’s program is extremely effective and beneficial. I believe NorthShore is using the best method to train its students. I thoroughly recommend NorthShore to all students, because it has helped many people, like me, to achieve such success. I enjoy learning in NorthShore very much; everyday at NorthShore gives me an interesting challenge. I will continue learning at NorthShore to prepare for exams in the coming years in High school as well as University in the future. Thank you very much.”

Jesslyn 2010  Scholarship Winner – Jesslyn TyrlsGood evening. My name is Jesslyn Tyrls and I am a Year 7 student at the North Shore Centre in Lynwood. I am both delighted and honoured to be chosen to speak before you. For this I must thank the Main Principal of North Shore, Bill Ng and the principals of North Shore Lynwood, Mr Raymond Miu and Mrs Lisa Miu. I started attending NorthShore in Year 2. I must confess I was nervous, but when I received the trophy for both English and Mathematics, I gained the confidence to continue my studies in a positive manner. What makes NorthShore special is that it stretches our mind and gets us out of the academic comfort zone. The worksheets are always interesting, challenging and entertaining. It trains our mind to think differently and look outside the box. The resources are constantly updated and there is a strong focus on special academic programs like GEM testing, Gifted and Talented Education, New South Wales Exams (ICAS) and Problem Solving Competitions… My speech would not be complete without mentioning the teachers at North Shore. They are specially hand picked and do a tremendous job in educating us. In particular, I would like to thank Mr Donald Aranha, my Maths and Creative Writing teacher, and Mrs Rhonda Clegg, my English teacher. To all teachers present here, I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of the students. I would also like to thank all parents who recognize the value of quality education…Let us be grateful for this gift because ultimately knowledge is power. Thank you.”

Success in 2009

2009 Vinayak Hutchinson 99.95 TER High Achiever- Vinayak HutchinsonGood afternoon everyone. My name’s Vinayak Hutchinson and I was a student at NorthShore TEE Success College for many years. I started attending when I was in Year 10 and continued until Year 12. In the TEE I obtained a perfect Tertiary Entrance Rank or TER of 99.95, a general exhibition, a subject exhibition in Calculus, certificates of distinction in calculus, applicable maths, physics, chemistry and economics and scaled scores of 100% in calculus, applicable maths, english literature, and chemistry. I was ranked third overall in the curriculum council ranking. I believe none of this would be possible without the help of my parents and NorthShore. NorthShore was an extremely rewarding experience because it provided excellent material, supportive teachers and the opportunity to be in a classroom full of other keen-minded students. The workbooks NorthShore provided not only reinforced what I had learned in school, but taught us material our school teachers hadn’t yet taught us. The mock exams at the end of each term were of most benefit. They accurately resembled the TEE exams, and after doing so many years at NorthShore, I was very relaxed and confident when it came to the TEE. Also competing against other NorthShore students for those little trophies motivated me to work even harder. The teachers at NorthShore were very supportive, particularly Mr Smiljkovic and Mr Brown. Whether it is providing extra study material, past papers, easy ways to solve difficult problems or help on school assignments, they were always willing to help. For example, Mr Brown used to give me extra difficult questions in calculus and applicable maths after class. Once I could do those, the questions in the TEE seemed very simple. I think the key to the TEE is hard work and believing in yourself. NorthShore motivated me to study harder and fostered in me the self confidence I needed to de well in the TEE. I’d like to thank my parents and NorthShore for their support and for helping me fulfil my dream of studying medicine at UWA. For the students who will be studying the TEE soon, I wish them all the best.”

2009 Sharma  Scholarship Winner – Kriti SharmaMy name is Kriti Sharma. I joined NorthShore in Aril, 2008. My parents heard about it from a few friends, and we decided to give it a try. When I first joined NorthShore, I didn’t really like it because I thought I was given too much homework and because there was a lot to get completed during class time. I felt this way for a few weeks until I realised that it was actually starting to help me in school. My schoolwork started to get easier, and I started to see the benefit of doing NorthShore. My parents wanted me to attend NorthShore for a year so that I could prepare for scholarship and Gifted and Talented tests. NorthShore provided really good revision for scholarship testing. The booklets gave me the types of questions that come up in exams, and allowed me to master different techniques. The NorthShore practice tests were strictly set for a fixed period of time. This taught me the importance of time management during tests… A big thankyou to my parents for all their support. They helped me a lot and let me take my time to learn new concepts. It was a big commitment for them too. I am very thankful to my parents and to NorthShore; I would never have been able to win this scholarship without them.”

2009 Oliver  Scholarship Winner – Oliver GuazzelliGood evening parents, students, teachers and distinguished guests. How do you win a scholarship? You pass a test. How you pass that test? You go to NorthShore. My name is Oliver and I am 10 years old. I have been participating in the NorthShore program for the past year and I would like to share some of my experiences with you all. I have won an academic scholarship to Trinity. Thanks to NorthShore, my parents and my good old brain. Every session in NorthShore is very similar. We have a lesson on one particular section of the booklet that we are given, before working on the rest of the booklet. First in the lesson we have a 20 minute mock test which is marked right always so I always know how well I performed. The teachers at NorthShore are very nice, hardworking and definitely know how to make me work hard. They all give a small comment on your work after they have finished marking. The first week I came I got a “Good’ on my work and I was a bit disappointed because I knew if I did this work at school, the teacher would ecstatic. But now I have come to realize that ‘good’ is the highest praise you can get! The other comments are ‘OK’, “you can do better!” and the dreaded ‘Please see me’. I’d like to thank my maths teacher Mr Skivinis and my English teacher Mrs Tan. They help me a lot and both helped me to earn my scholarship, could we please give Mr Skivinis and Mrs Tan a round of applause? … If only they hadn’t found out about NorthShore, I’d spending my Sundays in front of the computer. Unfortunately I would also be going to our local high school as I would have no scholarship, especially not one to a prestigious school like Trinity. My own attitude to learning is a very positive one. It helps me to catch on to concepts quite easily. I am interested in lots of different topics and subjects so when I learn something at school, it is already quite familiar to me and I can add it on to what I already know. It is said that we don’t use very much of our brain power, but I prefer to agree with Thomas Edison who said – “If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves”.”

Success in 2008

2008 Darryl  99.95 TER High Achiever – Darryl Sherry “Good evening, parents, teachers, principal, students and esteemed guests. My name is Darryn Sherry and tonight, I have been invited to tell you of how North Shore has helped me become the man I am today. I began my North Shore journey in year 6 and since then, have achieved many things, met several inspiring people and most of all, have had a great time. Studying at North Shore from years 6 to 7, 1 was given an edge over most other students, and was hence able to gain a scholarship into Hale School, Otherwise, my memory of those times does not extend back so far, but this achievement alone stands testament to North Shore’s unrivaled skill in this area… With the combined efforts of my teachers, parents and myself I was able to achieve a high TER, get placed in the top 1% of Western Australia, and hence enter Medicine this year at UWA. On the more social side of Northshore, I was able to meet other students who I remain good friends with to this day, several of whom also study with me in Medicine or Dentistry. Each and every one of them agrees with me when I say just how much Northshore has helped us over the years. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers and principal of North Shore for helping me throughout these years, and keeping me steadfast on the path to realise my dreams of becoming a doctor. Thank you very much.”

2008 Dan Hoang  Scholarship Winner – Dan Hoang “Good evening parents, teachers and fellow students. My name is Dan Hoang and I’m just one of many Northshore students who have won scholarships for either private or government schools. I’d like to start by saying how great an honour it is achieving a scholarship and just to be here with some of the brightest people ever. It’s a great privilege to have been guided by some of the best teachers, both at school and at Northshore. Mr Skivinis, Mr Cuffley and Mrs Karen have been supporting me all the way on my journey to attain a scholarship since year 6 and 7. Not to mention the teachers of my school, Aranmore Catholic Primary. I’d also like to acknowledge, how significant Northshore has been to me. Northshore is a great companion and stepping stone for any child’s future. Not only is a child nurtured to the maximum, it’s also easy to make friends and at times, it can be very enjoyable and rewards are very encouraging. Although my major companion, Northshore has not been my only support. I’d like to thank my teachers, both from Northshore and Aranmore Catholic Primary, friends, relatives and of course, Mum and Dad. How ever you feel about attending Northshore and how ever they’ve helped us, Northshore is not only the greatest foundation for a scholarship, it’s also a great ladder for our success and future. I’d like to finish by saying congratulations to all the 2008 scholarship winners and good luck to them in future. And also, good luck to all the 2009 scholarship hopefuls from Northshore and I hope they’ll all bring home something just as we all have. So once again, thank you for this incredible privilege.”

2008 Michael Wikarata  Scholarship Winner – Michael Wikarta

Having won scholarships to five different schools and accepting Hale’s offer, I would like to take the chance to express my appreciation for all the help and input you have provided me in my education. I started my study at North Shore (Rossmoyne Centre) when I was in year 5, learning Creative Writing, English, Mathematics and General Ability. From then on I have excelled in all subjects to the top of my class in my Monday to Friday school due to the supportive and helpful staff at North Shore.

Special thanks goes to Mr Skivinis who taught my favourite subject, Mathematics, at the first two holiday programs this year, (2008.) Other thanks go to all teachers who have supported me at North Shore, both City and Rossmoyne centres, this years teachers being Mr Gray, Mr Homsany and Ms Wright-Coles.

“Thank you North Shore”

By: Michael Wikarta

In a studio ten sculptors crowd.

Each with a specialised part.

Working concentrated, not loud,

They don’t stop for even their favourite tart!

Once perfected and looking good.

A good foundation and a deep root.

Their work of art stands smart and fit,

Sonic will be messy, others neat

Each sculptor of different art

Combine to give their work

A good head start.

As some of the sculptors.

I’d like to thank

The staff of North Shore

Which all the things you’ve taught

Will be kept in my brain tank.

A lot I’d like to thank you for,

My foundation is strong,

My root as deep as a trees’.

So once again I say.

“Thank you North Shore for

Helping me!”

Success in 2007

Varum  Top 1% TER High Achiever – Varun HutchinsonGood afternoon everybody. Since the beginning of when I can remember, I wanted to do medicine, become a doctor…. I joined NorthShore in year 10 …I would also like to thank the two NorthShore teachers that worked their hardest to see me succeed. Mr John Brown was my NorthShore teacher for my maths subjects and he taught me so well that I was miles ahead of my school; I remember that he used to supply me with countless books and extra questions that stretched the limit of my intellect. Mr Dragomir Smiljkovic, my physics teacher taught me and helped me well beyond expectation. If you leave your education to your school, it is difficult to do well. Don’t believe that just doing what the school tells you to do to is sufficient. Remember … the only way you’re going to succeed is by working hard. The best way to do that is to make use of all the great teachers and resources available at NorthShore and make sure you are prepared. Once again, I would like to thank NorthShore for all the help they gave me and Mr Smiljkovic and Mr Brown for the being the best teachers in Perth…”

Claire  Scholarship Winner – Claire TaylorDear all of NorthShore, Thank you so much for helping me with my studies. NorthShore’s preparations and coaching really made the difference if a test was hard or easy. NorthShore has helped not only with scholarship preparations but also in school and class work. ….I have enjoyed studying at NorthShore. I would especially like to thank Mr Skivinis and Mr Smiljkovic who have encouraged me, believed in me and supported me ….. You have taught me many new techniques that I used during the scholarship exams and will continue to use in the future. I remember Mr Skivinis saying ‘I want to see all of your names on that scholarship list’, since then I have always tried my absolute hardest really wanting to achieve a scholarship. In year 5, I set my goal of achieving a scholarship and I put study ahead of most other things.I have been lucky enough to be awarded a music and academic scholarship at St Hilda’s AnglicanSchool for Girls. All your support helped me reach my goal. Northshore has helped me so much at school and with my scholarship preparations.”

Northshore_046  Scholarship Winner – Zoe GriffinGood evening..I commenced tutoring with North Shore while in Year 5, 2005….I know that the Maths and General Ability worksheets provided each week, taught me how to think, reason and develop problem solving skills at an earlier age than would otherwise be expected of me… I always loved reading and writing stories and the worksheets provided me with the opportunity to be really creative in a constructive way, enabling me to write essays and short stories that also included proper punctuation and correct grammar. I really enjoyed being in a small class environment with other students who really wanted to learn also. I have no doubt that the skills I learned and the tutoring I received, together with the mock test situations in class, prepared me well for receiving an academic scholarship. I would like to thank all my teachers at NorthShore who helped me and gave me greater confidence when sitting tests in the normal classroom situation at school.” At school, it is already quite familiar to me and I can add it on to what I already know. It is said that we don’t use very much of our brain power, but I prefer to agree with Thomas Edison who said – “If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”

Success in 2006

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