2019 REACH Assessments


Your child is invited to participate in REACH Assessments in 2019

UNSW Global has introduced the new REACH Assessments in 2019 and North Shore Coaching College is proud to offer REACH Assessments to all students, provided their schools are not currently offering the REACH Assessments that they intend on entering.

Similar to ICAS, REACH Assessments will be available in Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing.

REACH Assessments will be tailored to current international curricula and use a broad range of methods to provide an objective, external benchmark of student progress. It will be suitable for all students, targeting a wide range of ability. Even the most able students will find some items challenging.

Results will be delivered via an online reporting system and tracking student progression will be available to students and parents. All students will receive a downloadable Certificate of Achievement.

For more information, please visit unsw.global/reach.


ICAS Assessments in 2019 is changing and going forward, North Shore Coaching College will offer ICAS Assessments to selected students only. The top 10% of students who sit for the REACH Assessments at North Shore Coaching College in each state will be eligible to sit the ICAS Assessments free of charge at North Shore Coaching College’s State Principal Campuses*. (* Conditions apply)

The highest scores achieved by North Shore Coaching College students will be recognised by a special award to be given at the discretion of the Principal.

North Shore Coaching College offers past papers for ICAS Assessments, which may be purchased to assist your child in preparing for the REACH Assessments. These past papers provide a valuable opportunity to gain test experience whilst acquainting candidates with the style and content of possible question types. Please order these past papers online at Enrichment Corner (ICAS past papers).

For further information on REACH Assessments or enquiries, please contact our Principal Campus – Chatswood on (02) 9415 1977 or email enquiry@north-shore.com.au or visit us at 65 Archer Street, Chatswood NSW 2067.

2019 REACH Enrolment Form NSW
2019 ICAS Past Paper Order Form