2018 Annual Awards Presentation

2018 marks an important year for North Shore Coaching College in Queensland, as we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.

In addition to this special year, our Annual Award Presentation was held on 4th November. It was a huge success with more than 300 outstanding students and parents attending the ceremony.

Among the guests were the North Shore Chairman and Founder Mrs Demi Mak, National Principal Mr Andy Mak, National Managing Director Mr Anson Mak and QLD Principal Mrs Amy Tan.

A total of 153 prizes were awarded to outstanding students who performed exceptionally well in various entrance/ and scholarship exams. They include Independent Schools Scholarship Exams, Yr 5 & 6 Brisbane State High School Academic Selective Entry Exam, Yr 7 & 9 Queensland Academies Exam, Admission to the Queensland Academies Brilliant Future Program as well as our own Mother’s Day Poetry Competition winners. The 2018 Personal Best Award was awarded to Jennifer Mai, who came 1st in this year’s “Brain Bee Champion” in Queensland. North Shore’s 50 Kindergarten students also had their graduation.

Students shared their learning experiences and related how North Shore had contributed to their success. North Shore has provided them with a solid foundation for learning and while they also make new friends with shared aspiration for learning.