Primary School Success Stories!


North Shore students excelled in many areas this year. Our students were among the most successful recipients of Independent School Scholarships with thousands of winning places in our country’s most prestigious private schools.

We have consistently been receiving good news of North Shore Students who were awarded places in Opportunity Classes and Selective High Schools.

What is the North Shore Secret of Success?

  • Our programs are researched by highly competent, effective and qualified educators.
  • Weekly tests in English, Maths and General Ability at the Year 5 and 6 levels are an integral part of the preparation for success in the ACER Scholarship Exam, Robert Allwell Scholarship Exam, and the Selective Schools Exam.
  • A range of innovative courses to develop the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for success in high school. Courses such as Extra Mock Test, Extra Trial Test and General Ability plus as well as Creative Writing Skills & Future Writers Program have proven extremely successful in assisting students to realise their potential and gain placement in Selective Schools and prestigious private schools.