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North Shore Development and Coaching Centre has been operating in Australia for over 30years. It has over 10,000 satisfied students currently enrolled and over 1,000 qualified teachers employed all over Australia. Its Fastrain and Fastcoach Programs, which covers all key academic subjects, are designed for Primary and High School students respectively. Students are taught in small groups with full face to face tuition. Emphasis is placed upon thorough understanding of the subjects studied. Regular tests are given, exam techniques are taught, and parents receive progress reports at the end of each term. All teaching materials and student notes are carefully prepared by a team of experienced teachers and are designed to satisfy the requirements of the curriculum and various exams. Specific topics are also added to ensure students get the best development.

North Shore keeps on improving its teaching methods and materials. Apart from seeking feedback from parents, students and teachers, it has also teamed up with the University of Melbourne to research innovative ways to improve the problem solving ability of students. This project is recognised and supported by the Federal Government.

North Shore’s success is reflected by rapidly increasing enrolments and excellent results in public examinations. Last year in WA, over 199 North Shore students won Scholarships in prestigious private schools, Gifted & Talented placements in government schools; ATAR 99.95 winners and Top 1% high achievers. North Shore in Perth also nurture top performers in CPS competition.

Education systems in Western Australia are changing rapidly. These include the newly introduced national curriculum framework; outcome focus education, NAPLAN; PEAC; Gifted & Talent Program and Post-compulsory Education Studies. Under all these changes, students, as well as teachers in every level, are under some kind of uncertainty if not confusion. Students need and ought to have some proven study programs to guide and motivate them. This is to ensure their success in all tests and examinations as well as in their career in this highly competitive global village.

North Shore Development and Coaching College is the only coaching college of this kind in Perth. It’s a coaching college that caters for Australia’s very diverse education systems as well as society. North Shore welcomes students from all walks of life and all levels. With its team of highly experienced teachers, unique teaching methods and materials, stimulating environment and encouraging award system, it will bring out the best from students of all ages and levels.

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