[NSW] Latest Update on the Selective High School Placement Test 2022

NSW Selective High School Placement Exam delayed until 31 March 2022!

In 2022 the Selective High School Placement Test will be a paper-based format before changing to a computer-based format in 2023.

Contact your local Campus Director to enrol in our Year 6 Exam Preparation Program or learn more. Your child’s success in the Selective High School Placement Test and beyond is in good hands with Tuition That Works!

How is North Shore preparing students for the new Selective Test in 2022 and beyond?

Based on analysis of official sample test papers and extensive consultation with educational experts, North Shore Coaching College has worked tirelessly to revise and refine our Year 5 and Year 6 term programs. Our comprehensive Exam Preparation programs have also been tailored to provide the best preparation possible for the new Selective High School Placement Test format.

Our teachers and curriculum developers will continue to adjust our materials as necessary in order to provide the best educational services possible – developing critical thinking and problem solving skills relevant not only for the OC and Selective placement tests but for a continuous, lifelong journey of learning. It is this adaptability and commitment that has produced North Shore Coaching College’s 30+ years of success stories, including the highest ever OC and Selective scores.

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