2018 Mother’s Day Poetry Competition – Winners

Congratulations to all the North Shore students who entered the 2018 Mother’s Day Poetry Competition.
While every competition allows for a winner, it is important to remember that this competition was designed to encourage an appreciation of poetry and to recognise the wonderful talents and efforts of our students.

Junior Primary

1st: Olivia Lin
Olivia Lin
2nd: Makayla Ham
Makayla Ham
3rd: Berkeley Leung
Berkeley Leung

Senior Primary

1st: Anna Stanic
Anna Stanic
2nd: Anna Xian (P.1)
Anna Xian
2nd: Anna Xian (P.2)
Anna Xian
3rd: Katrina Fu
Katrina Fu

Junior High

1st: Christine Lee
Christine Lee
2nd: Daniel Krishnan
Daniel Krishnan

Senior High

1st: Aidan Wong
Aidan Wong
2nd: Brianna O’Young
Brianna O'Young