Adisa's family

Adisa’s family with sons Elisha (left, Yr 6)
and Ezra (right, Yr 2) both attending
the Melba-Copland Centre in Canberra

North Shore Coaching program improve our kids’ skills and confidence

We knew about North Shore while living in Melbourne even before our kids were born. As parents who place a lot of emphasis on giving solid educational foundation to our children, we were pleased when we discovered, after years of waiting, that North Shore Coaching has finally opened a centre in Canberra in 2014.

We promptly registered our children in the program and since then their ability in basic and applied skills, rather than rote learning, has increased in leaps and bounds. It is a joy to watch their creative ability shine forth and confidence soaring all of which now reflect in their performance. In this short period, their teachers at school are quite surprised and some now ask us what we do with them outside of school.

If what you are looking for as parents is excellent foundation for your children educationally, give North Shore a go and watch your children blossom before your very eyes.