Secondary: Fastcoach Programs

Our High School Fastcoach Programs are meticulously designed for students studying in Level Seven – Level Ten to provide accelerated learning in the key subjects of English, Mathematics & Science:

  • Our English Programs incorporate the key aspects of Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Essay/Genre Writing, Vocabulary skills and appreciation of literature.
  • The Mathematics Programs encompass a variety of stimulating and challenging questions to reinforce and further introduce key concepts in a systematic fashion.
  • The Science Programs encourage students to develop knowledge of science concepts and general knowledge.

In each subject, our Program covers key topics and important syllabus outcomes for each year group. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, students learn material that advances from the fundamentals through to levels that surpass those provided in schools, stimulating students in a competitive environment and motivate them to perform at their highest potential and achieve an extremely high standard.

Program schedules are designed to allow maximum flexibility for students. Mathematics, English and Science are offered separately or in various combinations to enable each student to tailor a course of study to his or her needs. Classes are generally restricted to a maximum of 15 students. This ensures that students receive adequate attention necessary for effective accelerated learning.

Classes are run during each school term for a duration of 10 lessons per term, with 4 terms per year.

Once the students have completed our Fastcoach Programs, the HSC Success Series is available for students in Year 11 and Year 12.