Helping kids achieve goals

The Canberra Times

The Canberra Times, Monday July 7, 2014

I love helping kids in the community achieve their academic goals and ambitions. That really makes me happy, Mr Harnal said.

North Shore Coaching College is Australasia’s leading tuition college, with more than 50 branches in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1991, the college has been delivering the benchmark in quality, affordable educational services for students from pre-school, kindergarten and primary school, all the way through to senior secondary school.

Recently under the leadership of ACT principal Ashwani Harnal, the college has opened two centres in Belconnen and Woden to help students in Canberra and Queanbeyan. “I love helping kids in the community achieve their academic goals and ambitions,” Mr Harnal said. “That really makes me happy.”

Both centres offer tuition covering English, Mathematics, General Abilities, Science, Physics and Chemistry, and specialist subjects for years 11 and 12 students. “For the younger children we also offer coaching that focuses on “little thinking” and developing analytical skills,” Mr Harnal said.

The college provides quality course materials and homework sheets are issued to students on a weekly basis to reinforce the key learning areas, hints and tips on exam techniques are also taught to ensure students are prepared for major examinations and term tests.

Through regular formal assessments and ongoing teacher evaluation, the college is able to assist students realise their full potential by identifying areas in which they need to improve. “It’s very rewarding seeing students learning and improving,” Mr Harnal said.

“They improve in their academic performance, and it shows in their grades and exam results, which motivates them to try harder and get even better.”

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