2016 Father’s Day Poetry Competition – Winners

Congratulations to all the North Shore students who entered the 2016 Father’s Day Poetry Competition.
While every competition allows for a winner, it is important to remember that this competition was designed to encourage an appreciation of poetry and to recognise the wonderful talents and efforts of our students.

Junior Primary

1st: Leah Teoh (Page 1)
Leah Teoh
1st: Leah Teoh (Page 2)
Leah Teoh
2nd: Changke Zou
Changke Zou
3rd: Ananya Nair
Ananya Nair
3rd: Safiya Enait
Safiya Enait

Senior Primary

1st: Charlotte Tan
Charlotte Tan
2nd: Belinda Huor (Page 1)
Belinda Huor
2nd: Belinda Huor (Page 2)
Belinda Huor
2nd: Fay Dimitrios
Fay Dimitrios
3rd: Luisa Jadulco (Page 1)
Luisa Jadulco
3rd: Luisa Jadulco (Page 2)
Luisa Jadulco
Special Prize: Ivy Gao
Ivy Gao